Easy WP SMTP allows you to configure and send all outgoing emails via a SMTP server. This will prevent your emails from going into the junk/spam folder of the recipients.

Easy WP SMTP funkcie

  • Odoslať e-mail pomocou SMTP servera.
  • Môžete použiť Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail SMTP server, ak tam máte účet.
  • Seamlessly connect your WordPress blog with a mail server to handle all outgoing emails (it’s as if the email has been composed inside your mail account).
  • Bezpečné doručenie e-mailov príjemcovi.
  • Option to enable debug logging to see if the emails are getting sent out successfully or not.
  • Ability to specify a Reply-to email address.
  • Option to Export and Import the SMTP settings.

Využívanie pluginu Easy WP SMTP

Once you have installed the plugin there are some options that you need to configure in the plugin setttings (go to Settings->Easy WP SMTP from your WordPress Dashboard).

a) Easy WP SMTP všeobecné nastavenia

Všeobecné nastavenia pozostávajú z týchto možností

  • E-mailová adresa odosielateľa: E-mailová adresa, z ktorej budú odosielané e-maily príjemcom.
  • From Name: The name your recipients will see as part of the „from“ or „sender“ value when they receive your message
  • SMTP host: Váš server na odosielanie e-mailov (príklad smtp.gmail.com)
  • Typ šifrovania: žiadne/SSL/TLS
  • SMTP port: Port, ktorý je používaný na prenos odchádzajúcich e-mailov na váš server (príklad: 465)
  • SMTP Autentifikácia: Nie / Áno ( táto možnosť býva vždy zaškrtnutá ako „Áno“ )
  • Užívateľské meno: Užívateľské meno, ktoré používate na prihlásenie sa na mail server.
  • Heslo: Heslo, s ktorým sa prihlasujete na váš mailový server

Pre podrobnejšiu dokumentáciu toho ako nastaviť tieto položky, navštívte webovú stránku pluginu Easy WordPress SMTP

b) Easy WP SMTP testovacie & ladiace nastavenia

Táto sekcia vám umožňuje vykonať testy e-mailov a uistiť sa, že vaša WordPress webová stránka je pripravená posielať e-maily pomocou nakonfigurovaného SMTP servera. Obsahuje nasledujúce možnosti:

  • To: The email address that will be used to send emails to your recipients
  • Predmet: Predmet vašej správy
  • Správa: Textová oblasť na napísanie vašej správy.

Once you click the „Send Test Email“ button the plugin will try to send an email to the recipient specified in the „To“ field.
Inspired by WP Mail SMTP plugin



  1. Choďte do „Pridať nový“ v časti Pluginy vo vašej WordPress administrácii
  2. Stlačte Nahrať plugin
  3. Vyhľadajte súbor pluginu (easy-wp-smtp.zip)
  4. Stlačte Inštalovať teraz a potom aktivujte plugin
  5. Teraz pokračujte do nastavení pluginu a riaďte sa inštrukciami

Časté otázky

Môže byť tento plugin využitý na posielanie e-mailov cez SMTP?



Hacked! Critical Vulnerability Exposed 300k+ Sites

Critical 0 day vulnerability affected 300k+ sites about a month ago, including mine. Admin url redirected to spam sites, but could have been much much much worse as it was exploited to gain complete admin control of many sites. Reviewing after finally deleting this plugin. Do not use, just use "WP Mail SMTP" plugin instead. Google "easy wp smtp plugin vulnerability" to see how severe this was. Still took them 2 days to release a patch after being notified! Not worth the risk, do not install!

Good plugin | But has some bugs

A good plugin for Changing WordPress Smtp settings. I have used this on 2 websites. from the first one website, when sending email it shows mail signed by mydomain.tld, but in second one it not showing any signed by. why ?

What a lifesaver!

Occasionally, we run into a host or mailserver that can't deal with the WordPress or PHP mail() function. The problem seems to be that if your mail is managed on a different server/host than the website, then the spam protection on the mailserver regards any mail from website as evil, rejecting it even before you can whitelist it. (Even trying to trick it with a different "replyto" or using the wordpress@mydomain.com within ContactForm7 doesn't work.) The fix is to use a plugin to replace the mail() function so that instead of the website's server sending the mail, you are actually logging in via SMTP to the mailserver, sending mail from there instead. Then the mailserver's spam checker is happy. It can be tricky to configure this, since there are various settings for TTS or SSL or the port or whatnot, so budget a little time for that.
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“Easy WP SMTP” je softvér s otvoreným zdrojovým kódom. Do tohto pluginu prispeli nasledujúci ľudia.


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Zoznam zmien

  • Fixed potential vulnerability in import\export settings.


  • Added Export\Import settings functionality.
  • Added option to delete all settings and deactivate plugin.

  • Fixed incompatibility with WP versions older than 4.7.0 (thanks to stevendigital for reporting).


  • Set reasonable timeout for SMTP server connection attempt. This prevents admin area from being locked up for too long if your SMTP server refuses connections.
  • Added spinner to indicate that test email is being sent.
  • „Send Test Email“ button is now disabled if there are unsaved settings changes.
  • Minor settings page adjustments.


  • Renamed SSL and TLS to what they actually are.


  • SMTP Username and SMTP Host fields are no longer multiplying slashes (thanks to jstepak for reporting).
  • Added option to encrypt password using AES-256 encryption. This requires PHP 5.3+ and OpenSSL PHP extension to be enabled on the server.
  • Added clear message to indicate if test email was successfully sent or not. Now you don’t have to figure this out from debug log 🙂
  • Disabled browser autocomplete for username and password fields to prevent them from being replaced by WP login credentials (if those were saved in browser).
  • Removed duplicate items IDs from settings page to comply with HTML standards.


  • Added configurable option to force replace From Name. The plugin was force-replacing it regardless before, now you can configure this (thanks to daymobrew).


  • Opravená možnosť „Povoliť nedôveryhodné SSL certifikáty“ bola ignorovaná (vďaka bogesman).
  • Pridané bodky v časti SMTP hesla.
  • Pridaný odkaz do „Fórum podpory“.
  • Niekoľko drobných vylepšení na stránke Nastavení.


  • Added option to allow insecure SSL certificate usage on SMTP server (thanks to ravipatel and bradclarke365).
  • Changing fields on Test Email tab is no longer shows „you have unsaved settings“ notice.
  • Plugin je opäť kompatibilný s WP verziou 4.3+


  • Hopefully fixed inability for plugin to save settings in some circumstances (thanks to all who kept reporting this issue).
  • The plugin is no longer failing if PHP mbstring extension is not installed on the server.
  • Settings page is using tabs now.
  • Fixed default settings were not set upon plugin activation.
  • Fixed some lines that couldn’t be translated to other languages (thanks to jranavas).


  • Fixed potential issue with passwords that had special characters.
  • Check if variables are set before interacting with them (removes PHP notices when WP debug mode is enabled) (thanks to rubas and matward).
  • Test email message body is no longer having excess slashes inserted (thanks to tdcsforeveryone).
  • Added option for plugin to block ALL emails if Domain Check option enabled and domain check fails (thanks to erikmolenaar).


  • Plugin will display an error message if log file is not writeable when „Clear Log“ is clicked.
  • Actual SMTP password is replaced by a gag on the settings page.
  • Fixed minor bug in Reply-To option handling (thanks to arildur).
  • Some improvements in developers-related options (thanks to erikmolenaar).


  • Added additional setting option to deal with email aliases (thanks to bradclarke365).
  • Fixed „Reply-To“ option wasn’t saving if it is blank.


  • New settings option to specify a reply-to email address.
  • There is a new settings option to enable debug logging.


  • Added extra debug info (when test email function is used). This debug info will show more details if anything fails. This will be helpful to debug SMTP connection failure on your server.


  • Some special characters in the password field were getting removed when the text sanitization was done. This has been improved.
  • The settings configuration will not be deleted if you deactivated the plugin. This will prevent configuration loss if you accidentally deactivate the plugin.


  • Fixed possible XSS vulnerability with the email subject and email body input fields.


  • Vylepšenie administrátorského rozhrania.
  • The test email details now gets saved after you use it. So you don’t need to type it every single time you want to send a test email.


  • Easy WP SMTP je teraz kompatibilný s WordPress 4.5.


  • Easy WP SMTP je teraz kompatibilný s WordPress 4.4.


  • Set SMTPAutoTLS to false by default as it might cause issues if the server is advertising TLS with an invalid certificate.
  • Display an error message near the top of admin pages if SMTP credentials are not configured.


  • Nastavte znakovú sadu emailu na utf-8 pre funkciu testovacieho emailu.
  • Spustite ďalšie kontroly ghesla, iba v prípade, je na servere povolené mbstring. To by malo vyriešiť problém s nezobrazovaním sa poľa pre heslo.


  • Easy SMTP is now compatible with WordPress 4.3


  • Easy SMTP now removes slashes from the „From Name“ field.


  • Made some improvements to the encoding option.


  • Made some improvements to the encoding option.


  • Fixed some character encoding issues of test email functionality
  • Plugin teraz požaduje meno a e-mailovú adresu uloženú v nastaveniach ( rovnako ako verzia 1.1.1)


  • Opravený preklep v nastavení pluginu
  • SMTP Password is now encoded before saving it to the wp_options table


  • Plugin will now also override the default from name and email (WordPress)


  • Removed „ReplyTo“ attribute since it was causing compatibility issues with some form plugins


  • „ReplyTo“ attribute will now be set when sending an email
  • The plugin will only override „From Email Address“ and „Name“ if they are not present


  • Fixed an issue where the plugin CSS was affecting other input fields on the admin side.


  • „The settings have been changed“ notice will only be displayed if a input field is changed


  • Fixed some bugs in the SMTP configuration and mail functionality


  • Plugin now works with WordPress 3.9


  • Plugin now works with WordPress 3.8


  • Plugin is now compatible with WordPress 3.7


  • „Reply-To“ text will no longer be added to the email header
  • From Name field can now contain quotes. It will no longer be converted to ‚\‘


  • Plugin is now compatible with WordPress 3.6


  • Added a new option to the settings which allows a user to enable/disable SMTP debug


  • Fixed a bug where the debug output was being displayed on the front end


  • First commit of the plugin