EVA – Email Validator


EVA (short for Email Validator) is a plugin designed to keep your WordPress platforms free from fake or disposable email accounts.

Integrate it in 3 easy steps:

1 – Download and install it in your WordPress system
2 – Create an account at EVA – Email Validator plugins and service and generate an API Key
3 – Configure this module with the newly generated API KEY.

That’s it. Your WordPress system is now able to keep those fake email accounts at bay.

This plugin relies on the E-Va.io platform. EVA – Email Validator plugins and service
Check the Terms and Conditions here and the Privacy Policy here.

Any questions, issues, suggestions, contact us at support@e-va.io


  • Configuration Page.


Install the EVA – Email Validator module as you would normally install a WordPress plugin.
Visit https://wordpress.org/support/article/managing-plugins/ for further information.


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Release Date – 27 May 2019

  • Initial Stable Version