Tento plugin nebol testovaný s najnovšími 3 hlavnými vydaniami WordPress. Už nemusí byť udržiavaný alebo podporovaný a môže mať problémy s kompatibilitou pri použití s novšími verziami WordPress.

ThumbnailsPRO – Automated URL Screenshot Previews


Allows you to insert screenshots into blog posts as well as optionally generate page-previews when viewers mouse-over links within your site.

This plugin allow you to quickly insert screenshots within your blog posts / pages via the Gutenberg editor with a custom block, via a button in the Classic editor or via shortcode.

It also allows you to specify if you would like to offer web page / URL previews when viewers on your site mouse-over links.


  1. Gutenberg custom screenshot block
  2. Gutenberg block setting allows to control linking of screenshot, alignment and size
  3. Classic Editor also supported with a wysiwyg button to insert screenshots
  4. Ability to insert screenshots via shortcode
  5. Ability to show link previews – shows a screenshot on mouse-over of links
  6. Ability to restrict link previews only to external URLS, internal URLs or both
  7. Ability to restrict link previews only to pages / posts or for all links


The ThumbnailsPRO automated screenshot plugin is developed and supported by e4WebSolutions. We’ve been building custom plugins for clients since the inception of WordPress but want to give back to the WordPress community by releasing public plugins, of which this is the first one but with several more scheduled for release soon.

We would highly appreciate any feedback, bug reports, suggestions, feature requests and to see how you use our plugin on your website.


  • Admin Settings & Instructions page. It can be found under "Settings->ThumbnailsPro" Once Plugin is activated
  • Example of how mouse-over link previews work
  • Classic Editor (or WP versions below 5.0) wysiwyg editor button to insert screenshots
  • Classic Editor (or WP versions below 5.0) wysiwyg screenshot setting overlay window
  • Gutenberg (WP version 5.0 +) new custom block for inserting screenshots
  • Gutenberg default block to enter url to take screenshot of and sidebar settings to control alignment, link of screenshot and size


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Activate the WordPress plugin by uploading the files in this folder to your WordPress’s plugin folder and then going to the plugins section of your WordPress‘ admin area and clicking „activate“ for the „ThumbnailsPro“ plugin.

  2. You’ll now see a new menu item under the „settings“ menu of your WordPress installation… instructions will be on that page.


Pre tento plugin nie sú žiadne recenzie.

Prispievatelia a vývojári

“ThumbnailsPRO – Automated URL Screenshot Previews” je softvér s otvoreným zdrojovým kódom. Do tohto pluginu prispeli nasledujúci ľudia.


Zoznam zmien


  • first version.


  • update for wp3.5+


  • change so doesnt use short form php echo not enabled on all php installations


  • Major re-write *
  • Update for current versions of WordPress *
  • Uses different and more available service to generate thumb images *
  • Added wysywig editor button to insert thumbs *


  • Minor changes to this file *


  • Issues with repository layout *


  • SVN problems *


  • Settings page changes *
  • listing changes *

2.51 – listing changes


  • Added support for gutenberg blocks *
  • fixed path problem for hover thumbs *
  • adjusted load so works with gutenberg and classic editors *
  • improved help page *


  • minor change to function naming to avoid conflict *