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Business Directory Elementor

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Verzia: 0.0.5

Posledná aktualizácia: 4. februára 2023

Aktívne inštalácie: 100+

WordPress verzia: 5.0 alebo novšia

PHP verzia: 7.2 alebo novšia

Domovská stránka témy

Business directory elementor is a suitable theme for digital marketing, marketing agency, online marketing, online marketing company, SEO business social media agency, SEO company, brand launch event, collab websites, influencer marketing, and many other web business-related websites. The theme is an ideal solution for all websites with amazing features and sections. It is an SEO-friendly theme which will help you grow on search engines. It is compatible with all search engines like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The theme has stunning animations and features. Features like optimized codes, faster page load time, secure and clean code, mobile friendliness, and many other amazing 100+ fonts. The use of digital marketing has increased dramatically in recent years. As more businesses move online, the need for effective digital marketing strategies has become more important than ever. One important aspect of this theme is it has a Call to Action Button (CTA) and faster page load time. Your CTA should be placed prominently on your website or social media page, and it should be clear what action you want your audience to take. If you have already purchased our theme and have some issues regarding customization, feel free to visit our Help Center, where our support team will be more than glad to help you out.

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