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Verzia: 1.6.0

Posledná aktualizácia: 30. novembra 2016

Aktívne inštalácie: 100+

Domovská stránka témy

Caveat is a corporate business style WordPress theme that allows businesses, corporations, and organizations to showcase their content and message. This theme has a built-in customizer to accommodate your corporate needs. Each section in this theme is dynamic, from basic background color for all sections and text color to displaying contents in sections. It can be used for generic sites , including personal and professional blogging site. This theme also exceptionally presents the option to display your portfolio projects. It has numerous features for including posts and displaying in different section of homepage. This theme was designed to give a perfect basic, clean simple and minimalist style throughout your website. Incorporating flat design techniques, the overall concept is giving more focus to your site's content. In addition to the subtle design style, Corporate Portfolio includes a plethora of features and functions to help you get the most out of your website.

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