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Rara Readable

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This theme is free but offers additional paid commercial upgrades or support.

Verzia: 1.1.5

Posledná aktualizácia: 8. februára 2024

Aktívne inštalácie: 200+

PHP verzia: 5.6 alebo novšia

Domovská stránka témy

Rara Readable is a clean and minimalist free WordPress blog theme. The theme is designed for distraction-free reading and focuses on better user engagement and experience. The theme is easy on eye and a pleasure to read with its clutter-free design focused on the content with neat fonts and subtle color scheme. The theme is very lightweight and loads quickly improving the overall user experience. The theme has a responsive design and SEO-friendly optimized codes. Rara Readable is Schema friendly so that your website ranks better on search engines. It is also WooCommerce compatible and translation ready. Apart from personal blog, it is also suitable for different kinds of blogs such as lifestyle, travel, food, fashion, photography, beauty, make-up, parenting or cooking blog. Check the demo at https://rarathemes.com/previews/?theme=rara-readable, documentation at https://docs.rarathemes.com/docs/rara-readable/, and get support at https://rarathemes.com/support-ticket/.

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