Custom post types


Custom post types“ is the only completely free WordPress plugin that lets you:

  • create custom post types;
  • create custom taxonomies (eg: categories, tags, etc.);
  • create custom fields;
  • create custom templates;

directly from the WordPress dashboard without writing code or editing files manually in a few minutes.

The „Custom post types“ plugin has been designed to make many advanced CMS features simple and accessible to everyone, without any technical knowledge or programming languages. Respecting the true nature of CMS (speed and ease of use).

This plugin is perfect for: web agencies, freelance developers, WordPress fans and anyone else!

The developer’s ongoing work guarantees maximum compatibility with themes (compatible with 75% of the themes on the network), plugins and page builders. The plugin uses functions and resources already present in the WordPress core, this guarantees maximum performance in terms of speed and security. To report bugs, malfunctions, compatibility problems or send suggestions write to the support section.

Other similar plugins use many resources and external functions that affect the performance and security of the CMS. Why use external resources or custom functions if the WordPress core already includes everything you need?

Custom post types“ includes everything necessary for maximum customization of the CMS so as to adapt it to any type of project in a professional and extremely simple and fast way (ecommerce, hotel, restaurant, events, portfolio, community, etc.).

What else? What are you waiting for? Start now!

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Custom post types – Create post type & taxonomy (1:23)

In this video you can see how simple it is to create custom post types and custom taxonomies with the „Custom post types“ plugin.
I created a custom post type and a taxonomy in just over 1 minute.
Do not you believe it? Watch it!

Custom post types – Create custom field (2:06)

In this video you can see how simple it is to create custom fields with the „Custom post types“ plugin.
I created some custom fields in just over 2 minutes.
Do not you believe it? Watch it!

Types of custom fields:

  • text;
  • number;
  • textarea;
  • textarea + TinyMCE;
  • email;
  • dropdown;
  • checkbox list;
  • date;
  • time;
  • file upload;
  • image upload;
  • taxonomy relationship;
  • posts relationship;

and many other types coming.

Custom post types – Create custom template (1:51)

In this video you can see how simple it is to create custom templates with the „Custom post types“ plugin.
I created a custom template in just over 2 minutes.
I used the „Twenty Nineteen“ theme including the „Bootstrap“ framework, you can design the template using the page builder of your theme (see compatibility, if your theme is not compatible send a request to the developer in the support section) or using HTML code.
Do not you believe it? Watch it!

100% compatible with many themes, for example:

and other fantastic free or paid themes.

You can create fantastic custom templates using HTML code or any page builder, even Gutenberg.
This is a beta feature, please ask the developer for any questions.

Why choose Custom post types plugin

„Custom post types“ is free and will save you time, and therefore money!
You can create post types, taxonomies, custom fields and templates easily in 5 minutes.
The „Custom post types“ plugin generates various IDs, you can use these IDs to create / use in your own custom functions, custom templates and more.
This plugin is written using only functions included in the WordPress core, so it does not reduce the performance of your website and does not cause compatibility problems.
You can use the „Custom post types“ plugin with any theme builder, with any theme and with any plugin. It’s perfect!

Custom post types features

Features included in the „Custom post types“ plugin:

  • create / edit custom post types;
  • create / edit custom taxonomies;
  • create / edit custom fields;
  • create / edit custom templates.

Upcoming features:

Custom post types SHORTCODE

[custom-field id="field_XXXX"] 

Shows the value of a specific field when creating templates.

[custom-tax id="tax_XXXX"] 

Shows the list of terms used for a specific taxonomy in a post when creating templates.

Custom post types development functions

Using the „Custom post types“ plugin you will have some PHP functions that you can use in your files:

  • get_custom_field($field_id, $post_id) – return field value or blank – $field_id is required; $post_id is optional, default value set to global post.
  • add_filter( ‚add_theme_compatibility_template‘, CALLBACK) – add compatibility for your theme.
  • add_filter( ‚form_edit_field_types‘, CALLBACK), add_filter( ‚view_field_types‘, CALLBACK), add_filter( ‚get_field_from_shortcode‘, CALLBACK) – add /edit field type.
  • add_filter( ‚field_type_file_label‘, CALLBACK) – edit file link label.

Do you need other functions? Ask the developer from the support section.


Custom post types credits

The „Custom post types“ plugin was entirely designed and created by Andrea De Giovine.
If you like the idea and want to support the developer, please Donate to this plugin.
For collaborations and consultations visit the website of the freelance web developer.
For bug reports and support for this plugin, visit the Support section to ask the developer and the community directly.

Translation Contributors

The users below contributed to the translation of the fantastic Custom post types plugin for WordPress:

[ it_IT ]

[ es_ES ]

[ de_DE ]

[ fr_FR ]

If you want to be included in this list, visit the Translations project page and start translating.


  • Creating / Editing custom post type.
  • Manage custom post types.
  • Creating / Editing custom taxonomy.
  • Manage custom taxonomies.
  • Creating / Editing custom field.
  • Manage custom fields.
  • Creating / Editing custom template.
  • Manage custom templates.
  • Custom fields in action.
  • Custom template in action.


Tento plugin poskytuje 2 bloky.

Custom post types
Custom post types


To automatically install the „Custom post types“ plugin you can search from the „Plugins > Add new“ section of your WordPress dashboard and click on the „Install Now“ button corresponding to this plugin.

To manually install the „Custom post types“ plugin you can download the latest version from the site, and unpack the zip file in the „wp-content/plugins“ folder of your CMS.

Now on the „Plugins“ section of your WordPress dashboard you can see the „Custom post types“ plugin, click on „Activate“.

Časté otázky

What can be created with the „Custom post types“ plugin?

With the „Custom post types“ plugin you can easily create custom post types, custom taxonomies, custom fields and custom templates.

What can be managed with the „Custom post types“ plugin?

With the „Custom post types“ plugin you can easily manage custom post types, custom taxonomies, custom fields and custom templates created with this plugin.

Does using the „Custom post types“ plugin require technical knowledge?

No! No technical knowledge is required, anyone can do it.

How easy is it to create custom post types, custom taxonomies or custom fields with the „Custom post types“ plugin?

Very easy! More or less 3 minutes. Seeing is believing!

Is the „Custom post types“ plugin compatible with my theme?

Of course! The „Custom post types“ plugin is compatible with any themes.

Is the „Custom post types“ plugin compatible with my theme builder?

The „Custom post types“ plugin is compatible with most of the theme builders on the market, if yours is missing, request it from the Support section.

Is the „Custom post types“ plugin compatible with other plugins?

Of course! The „Custom post types“ plugin is compatible with any other plugins.


7. októbra 2020
This plugin doesn't work well enough to justify the barrage of self-promotion from its author. It will fill the top of the admin page with advertising. There is no way to opt-out. I'm removing it so that I can reclaim the most important space on the screen.
12. septembra 2020
Hello, congratulations for the plugin, the simplest and most practical. A query: Can you edit the custom template with elementor free plugin? I'm trying but a message comes out and it can't be done. Has that edit function or do you have to wait some day for an update Thank you
19. augusta 2020
Easy to use and easy to integrate with other plugins good job!
28. júla 2020
A quick and straightforward way of setting up custom post types and taxonomies through the admin interface. No unnecessary bulk, unlike some similar plugins, and uses the existing admin interface conventions, so easy to pick up. Admin menu icons blend in seamlessly, it all feels like part of WP, which is important for client-facing sites, I would argue. Works fine with WP 5.4.2. Would be five stars but the custom template builder could be improved. You currently (ver 2.1.13) have to use a mash-up of custom blocks and cut-and-pasted shortcodes in the Gutenberg editor to create a bespoke layout for a custom post. This process works, but it feels clunky and could be streamlined. Would also be good to have the option to assign your own template file, for those who are confident with coding these from scratch and want to edit elements outside of the main content wrapper. It would be great to have the custom post types and taxonomies automatically available as widgets (and maybe blocks) too, so they could be listed in other areas of the site. This isn't a deal breaker, and there are other ways of achieving this, but add this feature and I would happily pay for this plugin. In summary, a good, quick, no-fuss way of adding custom post types and taxonomies to your site without getting bogged down in editing your theme files. If you need to do this, this is the plug-in for you!
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Zoznam zmien


  • Fix rewrite rules for created elements.
  • Rename some labels.
  • Improve notices feature.


  • Fix double field options (special thanks to @megalux).


  • Fix double field options (special thanks to @megalux).


  • Add author supports for created post types (thanks to @athifroihan).


  • Fix bug when try to save empty meta value (special thanks to @megalux).


  • Fix bug for required input when edit field groups.


  • Fix bug on checkbox field type (at least one value is required in the field options).


  • Add „textarea (no editor)“ field type.


  • Add „textarea + TinyMCE“ field type. (REMOVED)


  • Fix developer website links.


  • Add Kadence WP themes compatibility.


  • Fix capabilities bug for custom field (thanks to @orp7).


  • Add Aardvark compatibility.
  • Add Hueman compatibility.


  • Add Flatsome compatibility.


  • Fix OceanWP compatibility.


  • Add BuddyBoss compatibility.


  • Add Enfold compatibility.


  • Fix PRO bugs.


  • Add X theme themes compatibility.


  • Fix some bugs.
  • Add qaengine & secretum themes compatibility.


  • Fix some bugs.
  • Add checkbox list field type.


  • Fix some bugs.


  • Fix some bugs.


  • Add sanitize function to content id value.


  • Add API support.
  • New UI.
  • Add id field for custom content.
  • Move metadata from child array to unique metadata.


  • Fix hierarchical bug for cpt (thanks to @llis).


  • Fix child themes bug (thanks to @ecoist).


  • Update template core functions.


  • Add while(){} theme compatibility for custom templates.


  • Add OceanWP theme compatibility for custom templates.


  • Add do_shortcode() for custom field „content“.


  • Add „Advanced views“ for tax customizations.


  • Added custom field: „Relationship between posts“.
  • Customized templates also for „Articles“ and „Pages“.
  • Custom fields management optimization.


  • Add custom fields block for Gutenberg.


  • Add Blocksy theme compatibility for custom templates and fixes same bugs.


  • Enable builder for template, fixed custom template core, fixed admin notices for template.


  • Enabled single post taxonomies metabox for Gutenberg.


  • Enabled Gutenberg for custom templates.


  • Fix date/time output format like general options, add show_in_rest support for gutenberg.


  • Add „Advanced views“ for advanced customizations.


  • Add Astra theme compatibility for custom templates.


  • The custom templates functionality has been extended to 70% of the themes.


  • fix custom templates bugs.


  • BETA. Add custom templates compatibility only for AVADA theme.


  • Text corrections.


  • Fixed some bugs.


  • Fixed a javascript bug when multiple upload file input are in same post type create/edit page.


  • Fixed some bugs.


  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Add php dev functions.
  • Update readme.txt of the plugin.


  • Introduce file fields.
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Update readme.txt of the plugin.


  • Introduce fields manager.
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Update readme.txt of the plugin.


  • First stable version.
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Added columns to the dashboard.
  • Fixed the sanitizes function for post types and taxonomies names.
  • Update readme.txt of the plugin.


  • Fix bugs and add modal for support us.


  • Fix load_plugin_textdomain and add Italian lang (Language and Bug).


  • First fix (Language and Bug).


  • Improve ux.