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Getwid is a collection of 40+ comprehensive Gutenberg blocks that greatly extends the library of existing core blocks and 35+ unique pre-made block templates for the Block Editor.

It’s brought to you by MotoPress – a trusted WordPress developer with more than 7 years of experience in creating WordPress tools for content building.

Our collection of extra WordPress blocks for Gutenberg ships with a broad blocks bundle for the needs of business websites, startups, creative projects and a diversity of other niches. It enables you to create efficient landing pages, showcase vibrant services pages, build eye-catching portfolios, and make your overall transition to Gutenberg less stressful!

Need a cookie-cutter way to build rows, sections and entire pages in the WordPress Block Editor? With the Getwid pre-designed Gutenberg blocks templates, you’ll be able to play with multiple possible layouts for any purpose, fonts and styles automatically adjusted to your active WordPress theme!

For example:

  • Website hero and sub-hero section templates.
  • About us and Contact us templates.
  • Image gallery templates.
  • Features and Services templates.
  • Team and FAQ, etc.

Get a better sense of how the plugin works:

Watch more examples of how to build real-life pages with our video WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial for Getwid.
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Getwid Free Gutenberg Blocks

Multifunctional static and dynamic blocks for Gutenberg:

  • Section Block – build custom page section layouts of any type (set alignments; use video, slider and image backgrounds; change foregrounds, apply animation, play with colors and shapes, etc.).
  • Advanced Heading Block – a rich typography control panel for creating catchy headings – access to Google fonts, styles, sizes, one-click text case conversion, spacing and colors.
  • Google Maps Block – embed simple Google Maps with unlimited custom markers.
  • Icon Block – create effective and clear user interfaces with a collection of customizable icons.
  • Icon Box Block – construct responsive service boxes with icons, headings and text boxes using premade styles, modifying colors, sizes and hover effects.
  • Image Box Block – get deeper into image presentation – add animation effects, apply the needed size in clicks and modify spacing.
  • Social Links Block – add any social icons, customize their alignment for different devices, go with pre-made layouts and alter their size and spacing.
  • Banner Block – advertise wisely with fully customizable banners for which you can define sizes, alignments, colors, animation effects and more tools for better presentation of your offerings.
  • Image Slider Block – a better way to create image sliders with full control over navigation styles, image sizes and animation effects.
  • Media & Text Slider Block – showcase brilliant sliders with texts, set custom content width and alignment, apply text and color overlays, choose slide and text animation effects individually.
  • Button Group Block – add several call-to-action buttons in style and harmony; update width, alignment and direction for the whole set of buttons at the same time.
  • Person Block – create simple and stunning team showcase sections with the settings for job titles, names and image sizes.
  • Accordion Block – snap and functional accordion tabs section with customizable icons and heading types. Perfect for FAQ sections.
  • Toggle Block – similar to Accordion block, but it lets users expand tabs manually.
  • Tabs Block – horizontal tabs with a bunch of pre-set styles and customizable headings.
  • Image Stack Gallery Block – breathtaking, fully customizable image galleries with seven different styles to unleash your creativity and find a perfect solution for your current WordPress theme design.
  • Testimonial Block – a no-frills testimonial block with an author avatar, citation and name.
  • Recent Posts Block – present your latest posts with custom metadata, list or grid layout and a choice of different output behaviors.
  • Advanced Spacer Block – add a space between your blocks with an adjustable spacer – optionally hide it on mobile, tablet or desktop devices.
  • Instagram Block – it provides an easy way to connect your Instagram to WordPress and creates a customizable live-feed gallery.
  • Counter Block – show the most significant data about your business in numbers with the lightweight animated counters.
  • Price Box Block – visualize any data by creating all sorts of comparison and pricing tables.
  • Progress Bar Block – a simple animated horizontal progress bar with customizable colors.
  • Circular Progress Bar Block – animated circular progress bars with the adjustable bar sickness, size and colors.
  • Contact Form Block – a simple contact form with a traditional set of the form fields, customizable labels and support for reCAPTCHA.
  • Post Carousel Block – use agile customization options to showcase posts, pages or custom post types in a catchy carousel with a custom layout.
  • Price List Block – a perfect block for featuring restaurant menu prices or a table of contents with the adjustable headings, dotted lines, colors, and images.
  • Post Slider Block – fetch your already existing posts, products or other custom post types data into a deeply tunable, stylish slider with several premade layouts.
  • Custom Post Type Block – grid, list or custom view of any custom post types with numerous layout and style customization settings.
  • Mailchimp block – easy MailChimp API integration for adding email subscription forms.
  • Countdown block – a dynamic countdown timer with deeply customizable numeric values and time labels, for which you can set a font family and style, sizes, colors, spacing and more.
  • Video Popup block – display your Youtube, Vimeo or self-hosted videos in popups; the play video button, custom video covers, colors and sizes of the block containers are fully adjustable.
  • Content Timeline block – display chronological order of any events in a stylish timeline graph with such adjustable containers as headings, subheadings, images, etc.
  • Image Hotspot block – place unlimited animated markers with fully customizable tooltips over your image to make it more informative and interactive.

Check settings and examples of each Getwid block. We are in the process of building more on-demand blocks for Gutenberg!

Getwid WordPress Theme

Check our free Getwid Base theme designed for full compatibility with Getwid plugin.

With Getwid blocks library, we take a special approach to building and styling content in Gutenberg:

  • Extensive attributes (configuration settings) for each block to help you create a unique presentation for each content element.
  • Real-time customization – click buttons and watch the instant changes.
  • Works great with any WordPress theme: unlike many other block plugins, Getwid doesn’t override default theme styles – it allows you to add content blocks that maximum inherit styles from your WordPress theme.
  • Attention to details in block design: many Getwid blocks contain several pre-made snap and slick styles to help you build a good-looking content and keep it so sitewide.
  • We handle seamless interplay with the core Gutenberg WordPress blocks: leverage useful core blocks by employing them together with Getwid blocks.
  • Performance-oriented plugin: easy-to-manipulate, lightweight blocks that won’t bloat your website.
  • We empower you to handle better visual parity with your theme by enabling you to add custom CSS for many Getwid blocks.

Pre-Designed Templates and Blocks

This plugin comes with a library of pre-designed layouts to help you quickly build a beautiful website with the new block editor.


Getwid, Copyright (C) 2019, MotoPress
Getwid plugin is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.


  • Animate.css, Copyright 2018 Daniel Eden, MIT license.
  • React FontIconPicker, Copyright (c) 2018 Swashata Ghosh, MIT license.
  • Font Awesome Free, Icons: CC BY 4.0, Fonts: SIL OFL 1.1, Code: MIT License.
  • ImagesLoaded, Copyright David DeSandro, MIT License.
  • Slik.js, Copyright 2017 Ken Wheeler, MIT license.
  • Wow.js, Copyright 2016 Thomas Grainger, MIT license.
  • CountUp.js, Copyright 2019 Jamie Perkins, MIT license.
  • Waypoints.js, Copyright 2011-2012 Caleb Troughton, MIT license.


  • Section Block.
  • Pre-Designed Templates and Blocks.
  • Image Stack Gallery Block.
  • Button Group Block.
  • Recent Posts Block.
  • Testimonial Block.
  • Accordion/Toggle Block.
  • Image Box Block.
  • Instagram Block.
  • Contact Form Block.
  • Post Carousel Block.
  • Post Slider Block.
  • Google Maps Block.


Tento plugin poskytuje 43 blokov.

Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks
Getwid - Gutenberg Blocks


  1. Upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the Getwid WordPress plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.
  3. Use Getwid on your next page or post.

Časté otázky

Does the plugin work with any WordPress theme?

Your theme is rather a container and styling mechanism for blocks. We made sure Getwid blocks maximum inherit default styles from your theme – unless you add your own styles! Getwid is also tested with the Twenty Nineteen theme – they are a great couple.

What happens to my Getwid content if I deactivate the plugin?

Your content will be displayed in a simplified format; it’ll get back to the initial look after you reactivate Getwid.

Are Getwid blocks translation-ready?

Yes. The plugin works with major translation plugins.

Can I use my own icons?

Yes. By default Getwid uses Font Awesome icons but you can add your own ones.

Can I change the „Recent Posts“ block layout?

Yes. Copy this file: \getwid\includes\templates\recent-posts\post.php to {your_theme}\getwid\recent-posts\.

Can I use it with other block plugins?

Definitely! You can use Getwid together with the core and third-party block plugins.


21. januára 2020
This plugin offers a high-quality collection of Gutenberg blocks. I especially use and appreciate the Image Hotspots block, the only Gutenberg block currently available for Image Hotspots as it seems. The plugin authors also reacted fast to past ongoing issues.
5. decembra 2019
I’ve been using a bunch of different blocks plugins. This plugin was the second or third I installed. Slowly, as I developed my site, the others got uninstalled because the Getwid blocks work so well, are so customizable, and have the blocks I need all in one plugin. A big thank you to the developer!
30. novembra 2019
I'd say some of the blocks are awesome, even unique. I do recommend that plugin just to get these blocks. And then some are less than impressive. The Section block is awesome, adds a lot of flexibility (not your usual "row-columns" pair : it is a real section block with features not seen anywhere else). The Media & Text slider is just fine, very flexible and easy to use - better in my opinion than the standalone, and rather clumsy, Gutenslider plugin. The Image Hot Spot block is truly unique, it is actually making image hot spots easy to implement for anyone. I would download that plugin only to have those 3 blocks. Highly recommended. I'd add the Banner block, very well designed, to make it a top four. The Price List block is also really good if you're working on a restaurant website, for instant. The Advanced title Block is pretty cool, giving lots of flexibility for typographic design - I love to be able to use span and paragraph tags, beyond the usual H tags (which are indeed primarily used for html structure, not for design, so that's a smart option. Most advanced title blocks on offer don't do this). But hey, why no H1 tag ? Let's assume it's a bug not a feature, soon to be fixed. The Content timeline block is also pretty cool to have, just in case you might need a timeline. And then there are the half baked blocks: Accordion, Toggle, Tabs, Testimonials ... : you get the absolute bare minimum. Half baked? Raw! Styling them requires you to add some custom CSS. That's ok, but you expect more from such types of blocks. Icon box, Image box : Ouch, nice but buggy ... (once you align the image/icon to the left or the right, there is no way to put it back on top). And no background setting options ? Very basic. Contact form block ? Why try to compete with the big boys ? It will never be used. I haven't tested blocks such as Counter, Circular progress, Instagram, etc ... I would guess MotoPress focused on their unique blocks - and they did a great job with these. Then they added as an afterthought what seems to be mantadory in a collection of blocks - blocks that are on offer in any package. Those are less than interesting. Food for thoughts for the developers : why don't you focus on your truly unique and brilliant blocks and stop wasting time and energy on blocks already available - and better - everywhere ? The later are doing a disservice to your plugin, in my opinion. Five stars for the unique blocks in the package, though. And they deserve much more than just a few thousand downloads. Try them !
15. októbra 2019
Plugin that makes Gutenberg more ergonomic and attractiv ! Great support !
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Zoznam zmien

1.5.1, Feb 3 2020

  • Improved compatibility with Gutenberg 7.3.
  • Improved compatibility with Twenty Sixteen theme.
  • Improved accessibility of Accordion and Toggle blocks.
  • Added the ability to set the controls position in Media & Text Slider block.
  • Added the ability to set the title as H1 in Advanced Heading block.
  • Added the ability to set the custom link on slide in Image Slider block.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

1.5.0, Jan 14 2020

  • Added layout templates to the Section block so you can start with the needed dimensions.
  • Added the ability to set margin and padding visually via draggable controls in the Section block.
  • Added a gradient color palette to the Section block.
  • Fixed an issue with animation of the Section block.
  • Fixed an issue with WP-CLI.
  • Fixed an issue with HTML markup in marker of the Google Maps block.
  • Fixed an issue with the button color in the Video Popup block.
  • Fixed an issue when filtering by ID returned nothing in Custom Post Type and similar blocks.
  • Grouped blocks‘ settings by semantic tabs for better UX.

1.4.2, Dec 6 2019

  • Fixed an issue in Media & Text Slider Block.

1.4.0, Nov 22 2019

  • Added Template Library. A collection of pre-designed layouts.

1.3.2, Nov 5 2019

  • Improved compatibility with WordPress 5.3.

1.3.1, Oct 15 2019

  • Fixed an issue in Mailchimp block.
  • Added the ability to set the currency position in Price List block.

1.3.0, Oct 8 2019

  • Optimized the blocks to better handle CSS and scripts loading.

1.2.0, Sep 20 2019

  • Added Mailchimp block.
  • Added Countdown block.
  • Added Video Popup block.
  • Added Content Timeline block.
  • Added Image Hotspot block.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

1.1.1, Jul 25 2019

  • Improved the compatibility with the WordPress Multisite.
  • Added the ability to reduce the font size of the Advanced Heading block on tablet and mobile.
  • Added the ability to set the height of the Image Slider block.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

1.1.0, Jul 12 2019

  • Added Contact Form block.
  • Added Post Carousel block.
  • Added Price List block.
  • Added Post Slider block.
  • Added Custom Post Type block.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

1.0.3, Apr 26 2019

  • Added Instagram block.
  • Added Counter block.
  • Added Price Box block.
  • Added Progress Bar block.
  • Added Circular Progress Bar block.

1.0.2, Apr 22 2019

  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

1.0.1, Apr 4 2019

  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

1.0.0, Mar 29 2019

  • Initial release.