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Hassle-free design, marketing, and security — all in one place.

Design and Customization Services

Create and customize your WordPress site from start to finish. Jetpack helps you with:

  • Hundreds of professional themes for any kind of site
  • Intuitive and powerful customization tools
  • Unlimited and high-speed image and video content delivery network
  • Lazy image loading for a faster mobile experience
  • Integration with the official WordPress mobile apps

Marketing and Performance Services

Measure, promote, and earn money from your site. Jetpack helps you with:

  • Site stats and analytics
  • Automated social media posting and scheduling in advance
  • Elasticsearch-powered related content and site search
  • SEO tools for Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, and
  • Advertising program that includes the best of AdSense, Facebook Ads, AOL, Amazon, Google AdX, and Yahoo
  • Simple PayPal payment buttons
  • Optimize: Activate Jetpack’s site accelerator to load pages faster, optimize your images, and serve your images and static files (like CSS and JavaScript) from our global network of servers. You’ll also reduce bandwidth usage, which may lead to lower hosting costs.

Služby zabezpečenia a zálohovania

Stop worrying about data loss, downtime, and hacking. Jetpack helps you with:

  • Brute force attack protection, spam filtering, and downtime monitoring
  • Daily or real-time backups of your entire site
  • Secure logins with optional two-factor authentication
  • Malware scanning, code scanning, and automated threat resolution
  • Activity: a record of every change and update on your site
  • Fast, priority support from WordPress experts

Expertná podpora

We have a global team of Happiness Engineers ready to help you. Ask your questions in the support forum, or contact us directly.

Platené služby

Compare our simple and affordable plans or take a product tour to learn more.


Inštalácia je bezplatná, rýchla a jednoduchá. Nainštalujte Jetpack z našej stránky v priebehu pár minút.


  • Themes: Choose from hundreds of customizable, professional themes.
  • Performance: Free high-speed content delivery network for your images.
  • Apps: Update your site from any device with the free WordPress apps.
  • Analytics: Simple and concise site stats and traffic insights.
  • Sharing: Connect your site to social networks for automated social sharing.
  • Revenue: Sell products & take payments with simple payment buttons.
  • Downtime Monitoring: Get notified if and when your site goes down.
  • Security: Protection against brute force attacks, spam, and malware. On-demand backups and restores.


Automatická inštalácia

Inštalácia je bezplatná, rýchla a jednoduchá. Nainštalujte Jetpack z našej stránky v priebehu pár minút.

Manuálne alternatívy

Alternatively, install Jetpack via the plugin directory, or upload the files manually to your server and follow the on-screen instructions. If you need additional help read our detailed instructions.

Časté otázky

Is Jetpack free?

Áno! Hlavné funkcie pluginu Jetpack sú, aj vždy budú, bezplatné.

Zahrnuté služby: štatistiky stránky, ultra rýchla CDN pre obrázky, súvisiace články, monitoring výpadkov, ochrana proti útokom hrubou silou, automatické zdieľanie na sociálne siete, vlastné bočné panely a oveľa viac.

Mal by som si zakúpiť platený paušál?

Jetpack’s paid services include real-time backups, security scanning, premium themes, spam filtering, video hosting, site monetization, SEO tools, search, priority support, and more.

To learn more about the essential security and WordPress services we provide, visit our plan comparison page.

Prečo potrebujem účet?

Keďže sú Jetpack a jeho služby poskytované a uložené na, je nutné, aby ste mali účet.

Už mám WordPress účet, ale Jetpack aj napriek tomu nefunguje. Čo sa deje? účet je odlišný od toho, ktorý používate na prihlásenie do vašej inštalácie WordPress. Ak sa viete prihlásiť na, tak už máte funkčný účet. Ak nie, môžete si ho veľmi jednoducho vytvoriť počas inštalácie.

Ako si zobrazím moje štatistiky?

Po nainštalovaní pluginu Jetpack budú vaše štatistiky dostupné na, na oficiálnych WordPress mobilných aplikáciách a na vašej Jetpack nástenke.

Ako môžem prispieť k vylepšeniu pluginu Jetpack?

Máme príležitosti pre vývojárov na všetkých úrovniach. Dozveďte sa viac o tom, ako môžete prispieť alebo sa zapojte do nášho beta programu.


Dramatically slows down site

With Jetpack activated, 22% google page speed test result.....deactivated 92%. Then used debug with selected options activated with same result. I hope the creators and managers of this plugin will actually attempt to try to fix this major ongoing issue instead of constantly pointing either to user error or other plugins. This is an issue within the Jetpack plugin itself.
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Zoznam zmien


  • Release date: March 06, 2019
  • Release post:

Bug fixes

  • General: avoid conflicting with other plugins when suggesting Jetpack features on the Plugins screen.
  • Publicize: avoid errors when the feature is not active on a site.
  • Widgets: improve performance of the Top Posts and the Blog Stats widgets on high-traffic sites.
  • Subscriptions: fix an issue that prevented displaying subscribers count in the subscription forms.
  • Tiled Galleries / Slideshows: ensure they can be displayed properly in Internet Explorer 11.


  • Release date: March 05, 2019
  • Release post:

Major Enhancements

  • Block Editor: this release introduces 6 new blocks:
    • the Ads block allows you to insert different ads from our WordAds program within your posts and pages.
    • the Mailchimp block allows your readers to easily subscribe to your Mailchimp newsletter.
    • the Video block supports VideoPress videos if you’ve purchased our Premium or Professional plan.
    • the Slideshow block allows you to insert beautiful slideshows in your posts and pages.
    • The Business Hours blocks is useful for companies who want to display their business’s Opening Hours on their site.
    • The Contact Info block is useful for any business who may want to display useful information on a post or page.


  • Admin Page: move Carousel settings from Performance to Writing section.
  • Ads: include search results pages under the Archive toggle.
  • Block Editor: improve block registration structure for better management of block availability.
  • General: remove IE8 support fallbacks.
  • General: add feature suggestions to the plugin search screen.
  • Image CDN: add new mode that disables the creation of resized images, thus saving disk space.
  • Instagram: update embed to support Instagram TV URLs.
  • Post Images detection: add support for alt text.
  • Plans: clarify upgrade prompts in the Jetpack dashboard’s Plans page.
  • Publicize: remove the Google+ interface as the Social Network is now deprecated.
  • Related Posts: update block to allow for up to 6 related posts.
  • Social Menus & Icons: add Discord Support.
  • Support: add additional tests to check when Jetpack isn’t working as expected and ensures all current debugging platforms use the same testing list.
  • Simple Payments: add generic currency fallback symbol.
  • Sync: further performance improvements in PHP 7+ environments.
  • Woocommerce Analytics: include product type with analytics data.

Improved compatibility

  • General: replace all .dev TLD references by .test as the .dev TLD will soon become available for registration.
  • PHP 7.3: introduce automated testing for PHP 7.3.
  • Site Accelerator: ensure compatibility with the AMP plugin.
  • Twenty Nineteen: fix Top Posts and Pages Widget image list margins.
  • WordPress 5.1 Compatibility: update usage of wp_schedule_single_event to match changes in WordPress.

Bug fixes

  • Copy Post: ensure the feature can be used when using non-standard post formats.
  • Infinite Scroll: fix vertical spacing for new posts loaded with Infinite Scroll.
  • Internationalization: fix minor problem affecting translations in the block editor.
  • Mobile Theme: fix PHP notices when trying to display gallery images.
  • Mobile Theme: fix redirection issues when clicking on the „Desktop version“ links.
  • Photon: add to the list of banned domains, as this domain already relies on a CDN.
  • Publicize / Subscriptions: do not show message at the top of the editor when creating a private post.
  • Spelling / Grammar: fix error when spellchecking the contents of a Classic block in the block editor.
  • Top Posts: allow fetching posts from a long timeframe when using the jetpack_top_posts_days filter.
  • Related Posts: avoid display a dulplicated set of related posts when using the Related Posts block.
  • REST API: fix a bug causing Likes settings on a post to sometimes be flipped.
  • Security: avoid bypassing Protect’s Math Fallback challenge.
  • Security: fix an XSS vulnerability in the „My Community“ widget.
  • Site Stats: do not show the Jetpack logo in the Stats dashboard widget title in the Screen Options tab.
  • Theme Tools: support alternative Pinterest domain extensions in the Social Menus tool.
  • Widgets: support alternative Pinterest domain extensions in the Social Icons Widget.
  • Widgets: update the Cookies & Consents Banner to be fully accessible on mobile devices.

See the previous changelogs here.