LifterLMS – WordPress LMS Plugin for eLearning


LifterLMS is a secure easy-to-use WordPress LMS plugin packed with features to easily create & sell courses online.

[Download the LifterLMS plugin for free here][free] directly from our website so you get instant access to all our valuable resources to help you get started quickly and easily for free.

Transform your WordPress website into a professional eLearning platform with every customizable feature you could possibly need from your LMS.

  • Intuitive LMS Course Builder: Create Courses, Sections, and Interactive Lessons with Rich Content Including Multimedia and Videos
  • Track Student Progress: In-Depth Reporting, Create Timed or Open Quizzes, Drip Content, Add Prerequisites, Analyze Progress, and Award Certificates
  • Complete Ecommerce Platform: Built-in Gateway Integration for Stripe and PayPal With Memberships and Subscriptions Including Single or Group Enrollment
  • Community and Social Learning: Integrate a Community Forum or Discussion Area, Add Multiple Instructors, and Display Course Reviews for Social Proof

[Explore All LMS Features][features]

LifterLMS makes it easy to create, sell, and protect engaging online courses and training based membership websites.

Integrate Your LMS With Any Theme, Page Builder, & Block Editor

LifterLMS works with any well-coded WordPress theme/FSE, the Block Editor (Gutenberg), and every popular WordPress page builder including Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Divi.

With over 9 years development, our team is deeply engaged with the WordPress community. We actively encourage our integration partners to create the extensions you need most, like Affiliate WP, Monster Insights, WP Fusion, the most popular form plugins, GamiPress, Astra Pro, and many more.

Don’t see an integration you need? Connect your LifterLMS website to 5,000+ other apps via Zapier.

Open Source, Completely Free Core Plugin

Just like WordPress, LifterLMS gives back to the open source community. The core LifterLMS plugin is a totally FREE forever LMS – no limits on your courses, memberships, enrollments, or earnings.

We believe in free, distributed learning for all. LifterLMS exists to democratize education in the digital classroom.

Premium LMS Add-ons and Bundles

Get to know our team and product by signing up for a [$1 temporary 30 Day website][try]. You’ll get instant access to a private demo site hosted on our servers pre-installed with:

  • the core LifterLMS plugin, AND
  • every premium LMS add-on we offer

See why so many people start with or switch from another WordPress LMS or hosted platform to [LifterLMS][Home] for online course creation, membership sites, and remote schools.

This LMS demo site allows you to test drive the core plugin and all premium add-ons before you invest.

  • You can practice creating an online course with LifterLMS’s industry leading course builder.
  • Or simply take a course yourself on your demo site to test the course experience out for yourself.
  • You can even add your other favorite plugins & themes to your demo site so you can see them in action together with the LMS.

Are you ready to [Try LifterLMS for $1][try]? 🚀

LifterLMS is a Perfect Fit For Every WordPress User

Best for Builders
We’re the favorite LMS plugin for WordPress developers, designers and IT pros who build LMS websites and training portals for clients, employers and themselves

Best for Starters
Do-it-yourself innovators love that LifterLMS helps them easily create high value online courses, coaching or training based membership websites, right on WordPress.

Best for Switchers
Have you outgrown a hosted LMS platform or an incomplete WordPress LMS stack? Choose LifterLMS if you are looking for more power, control, and better support.

Meet The LifterLMS Team

The LifterLMS team is a diverse group of talented course creators, developers, designers, marketers and entrepreneurs.

Before developing LifterLMS, we consulted and built custom WordPress-based online learning and membership sites for clients all over the world. LifterLMS was born through this deep hands-on experience building high-end, custom WordPress LMS websites for the expert industry.

Learn more about [the people behind LifterLMS here][team].

LifterLMS WordPress LMS By The Numbers

  • 8,377,042 Course Enrollments powered by LifterLMS
  • 12,570,881 Course and lesson completions powered by LifterLMS
  • 186,997 Achievement badges awarded by LifterLMS
  • 310,728 Certificates awarded by LifterLMS
  • Over 10,000 active installs of the WordPress LMS plugin
  • 297 5 star reviews

[LifterLMS Features][features]

Start with our core free WordPress LMS plugin and [scale-up][price] as your business grows.

Make Money Building an Education-Based Business
Just set up LifterLMS, activate built-in payments with [Stripe][stripe] or [PayPal][pp]. That’s all you need to get started on your LMS website journey.

When you need more features and want to expand your online learning business, we are here for you. We have several free and premium add-ons to help you create more value for your students and members, with a focus on scaling your business revenue.

  • Platby kreditkou
  • Jednorazové platby
  • Opakované platby
  • Platobné plány
  • Unlimited course and membership pricing models
  • PayPal
  • Odoberania/predplatné
  • Pokladňa
  • Kurzy zadarmo
  • Balíčky kurzov
  • Predaj súkromného koučingu
  • Course and membership Coupons
  • Bulk course and membership sales
  • Pripravený na prepojenie
  • Native course and membership sales pages
  • Offline course and membership sales
  • Customizable course and membership enrollment
  • Krajina a mena
  • E-commerce nástenka
  • Správa kreditiek
  • Striedanie predplatného
  • Striedanie platieb
  • Pôvodná integrácia so Zapier

Create Courses on Your WordPress LMS Website

  • Course multimedia lessons
  • Course quizzes
  • Quiz question banks
  • Štúdio kurzov
  • Course cohorts
  • Načasovanie obsahu
  • Course and lesson prerequisites
  • Série kurzov
  • Course assignments
  • Časové ohraničenie kvízov
  • Nástenka študenta
  • Multi-instructor courses
  • Sťahovanie lekcií
  • Import & export kurzov
  • Miesta na diskusiu
  • Instructional design
  • Integrácia fór
  • Grafický balíček
  • Hodnotenia kurzu
  • Group enrollments for courses and memberships

Angažujte vašich študentov

  • Ocenenia, odznaky
  • Certifikáty
  • Personalizovaný e-mail
  • Sociálne učenie
  • Súkromné koučovanie
  • Textové odkazy

Ponúkajte členstvo

  • Členstvá pre celú stránku
  • Balíčky kurzov
  • Tradičné členstvá
  • Automatické zápisy do kurzov
  • Hromadné zápisy do kurzov
  • Content restrictions outside of a course
  • Platobné plány vyhradené pre členov
  • Diskusie v súkromných skupinách
  • Fóra vyhradené pre členov

Integrate your WordPress LMS with the Tools You Need

  • Platobné brány
  • E-mail marketing
  • Fóra
  • Prispôsobený pre mobily
  • Use any theme or page builder
  • Vytvorený pre kompatibilitu
  • CRMs
  • E-learningové autorské nástroje
  • Tin Can API (xAPI)

Zabezpečte a chráňte svoj obsah

  • Ochrana kurzov
  • Správa registrácie a účtov používateľov
  • Obsah vyhradený pre členov
  • Course only content
  • Vyhradený prístup
  • Správa hesiel
  • Self-hosted

Own and Manage Your WordPress LMS Platform

  • Detailed course, membership, ecommerce, and student reporting
  • Course gradebook
  • E-mailové notifikácie
  • Bulk course and membership enrollments
  • Spravovanie študentov
  • Course and membership access management
  • Správa dizajnu webu
  • Branding & Typografia
  • WordPress LMS User Roles
  • Bezpečnosť
  • Vyžadovať podmienky
  • Rozšíriteľný
  • Layout
  • Testovacie nástroje

Get Support For Your WordPress LMS Project

  • Technická podpora
  • 30 Days of live weekly onboarding calls called [Liftoff Sessions][lift]
  • [Live office hours][oh]
  • [Free training courses][aca]
  • [Free training webinars][webinar]
  • Sprievodca nastavením
  • [Detailed documentation][docs]
  • Dynamické zdroje
  • Demo kurz
  • Analyzátor systému
  • Komunita používateľov
  • [Developer ecosystem][devblog]
  • [Recommended Resources][resources] for course creators

More Info About LifterLMS

  • The [LifterLMS Official Homepage][home]
  • The [LifterLMS Knowledge base][docs]
  • The [LifterLMS Blog][blog]
  • The [LifterLMS Podcast][podcast]
  • The [LifterLMS Academy][aca]
  • The [LifterLMS Developer Blog][devblog]

Extend and Enhance Your LMS With LifterLMS Add-Ons


Increase your LMS website and it’s training program’s value with these engagement add-ons:

  • [LifterLMS Advanced Quizzes][aq]
  • [LifterLMS Assignments][ass]
  • [LifterLMS Private Areas][pa]
  • [LifterLMS Social Learning][sl]
  • [LifterLMS Advanced Video][av]
  • [LifterLMS Custom Fields][cf]
  • [LifterLMS Groups][gr]
  • [LifterLMS PDFs][pdf]
  • [LifterLMS Private Site][ps]
  • [LifterLMS Course Cohorts][coh]


Integrujte váš systém s nástrojmi tretích strán, ktoré poznáte a máte radi:

  • [LifterLMS Stripe][stripe]
  • [LifterLMS PayPal][pp]
  • [LifterLMS Authorize.Net][anet]
  • [LifterLMS WooCommerce][wc]
  • [LifterLMS ConvertKit][ck]
  • [LifterLMS MailChimp][mc]

LMS Website and User Experience Design Tools

Use LifterLMS with the modern LifterLMS [Sky Pilot Theme][sp] for even more beautiful results. LifterLMS works with any well-coded WordPress theme, but check out [Sky Pilot][sp] if you want to start with a modern, beautiful, full-site editing block-based theme.

  • [LifterLMS Sky Pilot Theme][sp]
  • [LifterLMS Powerpack][pro]
  • [LifterLMS LaunchPad Theme][lp]

Why Do People Switch to LifterLMS From Other WordPress LMS Plugins?

There are several other WordPress LMS plugins like:

  • Sensei LMS
  • Tutor LMS
  • WP Courseware
  • LearnDash
  • Masterstudy LMS
  • Academy LMS
  • Namaste LMS
  • LearnPress

There are some membership plugins that include some course features like:

  • Paid Memberships Pro (This is a great membership plugin that also integrates with LifterLMS)
  • MemberPress

The main reasons we hear from users who switched to LifterLMS after looking and trying out the best WordPress LMS plugins is that LifterLMS ended up having:

  • The best most feature-complete customizable well-coded feature set
  • Outstanding customer support including …


  • Infinitely customizable course catalog layouts: shown with course title, featured image, and instructor information.
  • View a single course with customizable content including access plans, difficulty, instructor, and lesson syllabus.
  • Edit courses in the WordPress block editor to add pricing tables, progress, outline, and more content.
  • Use the interactive Course Builder to structure your course, sections, lessons, quizzes, assignments and more.
  • Dashboard for course creators in the WordPress admin: an overview of recent statistics and quick links to common admin screens.
  • Advanced reporting for every learner so admins can track an individual students's course progress, membership, engagements, and achievements.
  • Clean and organized plugin settings to help you quickly and easily set up your course or membership site.
  • Detailed sales and enrollment reporting with built-in time periods or custom fields to filter by term, student, course, and membership.
  • Sprievodca nastavením to help you install and configure your new online course website with LifterLMS in 5 simple steps.


Tento plugin poskytuje 18 blokov.

  • Certificate Title Displays the title of a certificate.
  • Course Progress with Continue Button Display a progress bar with continue button for a specific course. Renders only for enrolled students.
  • LifterLMS Login Displays the LifterLMS login form. If a user is already logged in, nothing is displayed.
  • Course Meta Information Display all meta information for a course.
  • Course Reviews Display reviews and review form for a LifterLMS Course.
  • Memberships Display a loop of LifterLMS Membership "Tiles" as displayed on the default "Memberships" page.
  • Checkout Outputs the checkout page for purchasing courses and memberships in LifterLMS.
  • My Account Outputs the login, registration, dashboard, profile and reset password templates.
  • Course Author Display the Course Author’s name, avatar, and (optionally) biography for a specific course.
  • LifterLMS Register Displays the LifterLMS registration form. If a user is already logged in, nothing is displayed.
  • Course Syllabus Display the Course Syllabus for a specific course.
  • My Achievements Outputs achievements using the achievement loop templates.
  • Course Outline Outputs the course outline as displayed by the widget of the same name. Can show full course outline or just the current section outline. Setting the Outline Type to Current Sections refers to the section that contains the next uncompleted lesson for current student. If the student is not enrolled then the first section in the course will be displayed.
  • Pricing Table Outputs a LifterLMS Pricing table (like those found on a course or membership page) for a course or membership outside of a course or membership. Useful if you want to create custom sales pages.
  • Access Plan Button Outputs a button which links to the purchase page for a LifterLMS access plan. Useful if you’re creating custom sales pages for courses or memberships.
  • Course Prerequisites Display a notice describing unfulfilled prerequisites for a course.
  • Courses Displays a loop of LifterLMS Course "Tiles" as displayed on the default "Courses" page.
  • LifterLMS Link Add dynamic LifterLMS links to navigation menus.


Minimálne systémové požiadavky

LifterLMS vyžaduje

  • PHP 7.4 alebo novšie
  • WordPress 5.6 alebo vyššie
  • MySQL 5.6 alebo vyššie

Navštívte naše úplné systémové požiadavky pre )dalšie informácie.

Automatická inštalácia

The simplest way to install LifterLMS is through your existing WordPress site’s admin. Let WordPress handle file transfers for you – you’ll never need to leave the web browser or admin panel.

  1. Prihláste sa do vašej WordPress nástenky
  2. Navigovať k Pluginom -> Pridať nový
  3. V poli vyhľadávania napíšte „LifterLMS“ a kliknite na „Prehľadávať Pluginy“
  4. Keď nájdete LifterLMS, kliknite na „Inštalovať“
  5. Akonáhle je inštalácia dokončená, kliknite na „Aktivovať“

Manuálna inštalácia

Na manuálnu inštaláciu LifterLMS si musíte stiahnuť .zip súbor s využitím linku „Stiahnuť“ na tejto obrazovke. Potom budete musieť použiť FTP na manuálne nahranie súborov do náležitého adresára na vašom serveri.

Preštudujte si, prosím, tento dokument WordPress Codex, kde nájdete ucelenú inštrukciu na manuálnu inštaláciu pluginu.

Sprievodca nastavením

After installation, LifterLMS launches a friendly (and super quick) Setup Wizard.

This wizard helps you configure LifterLMS so you can get to the fun stuff – like creating your courses – as quickly as possible.

The wizard includes a few sample courses you can import if you want to see some examples before you start creating your own content.

K sprievodcovi nastavením sa môžete kedykoľvek vrátiť s pomocou tohto postupu.

Časté otázky

Where do I buy add-ons or bundles for my LifterLMS eLearning Website?

You can explore the individual learning management system add-ons here or save BIG with a bundle

How do I troubleshoot issues with my LMS website?

Ponajprv sa uistite, že máte najnovšiu verziu LifterLMS. Ak máte aktívne akékoľvek ďalšie rozšírenia LifterLMS alebo témy na vašej stránke, tiež sa presvedčte, že sú aktualizované na najnovšiu verziu.

Najčastejšie problémy zaznamenávame pri konfliktoch pluginov, tém, alebo pri zastaraných serveroch. Môžete si otestovať, či je v konflikte váš plugin alebo téma tak, že manuálne deaktivujete ostatné pluginy, kým na vašej stránke nie je aktívny len LifterLMS. Ak problém pretrváva, vyskúšajte ešte zmeniť tému na základnú Twenty Fifteen. Ak sa problém stratí pri deaktivovaní určitého pluginu alebo vašej témy, viete, že tu je zdroj konfliktu. Ak je to problém hostingu, kontaktujte vašu webhostingovú službu a uistite sa, že používajú najnovšiu verziu PHP.

Určite navštívte aj oficiálnu LifterLMS Poznatkovú bázu (Knowledge Base).

How do I ask a question about my online course website?

Users of the free LifterLMS should post their questions here in our support area. If you find you’re not getting support in as timely a fashion as you wish, you might want to consider purchasing a product from LifterLMS so you can access the LifterLMS support team.

If you’re already a LifterLMS customer, you can simply log into your account and contact the support team directly on the LifterLMS website. We can provide a deeper level of support in there and address your needs on a daily basis during the work week. Generally, except in times of increased support loads, we reply to all comments within 12 business hours.

LifterLMS is awesome! Can you set up my online course site for me?

LifterLMS offers technical support, but we do not offer custom website development services. However, we do recommend third party LifterLMS Experts who can help with web design, web development, instructional design or marketing for a fee. Click here to visit the LifterLMS Experts page.

I’m interested in purchasing add-ons for my WordPress LMS website, but I have a few questions first.

Ak nenájdete vaše otázky zodpovedané na našej stránke, môžete sa opýtať prednákupové otázky cez tento kontaktný formulár. Môžete sa takisto spojiť naživo s niektorým z členov nášho tímu tu.

Aké rozšírenia sú k dispozícii pre LifterLMS a kde sa o nich dozviem viac?

Úplný zoznam oficiálnych rozšírení LifterLMS môžete nájsť tu

Mám nápad do budúcnosti. Aký je najlepší spôsob ako vám o ňom povedať?

Záleží nám na vašich nápadoch na nové funkcie a na vašom názore. Môžete request a feature, hlasovať za existujúce požiadavky na nové funkcionality, a pozrieť si plán vývoja produktu.

Do you have any training for building an online course website?

Be sure you’ve taken the free tutorial training video course: How to Create an Online Course with LifterLMS. We also encourage you to get to know us by signing up for a $1 temporary 30 Day website on our servers which comes with the core LifterLMS plugin all our add-ons intalled. This demo allows you to test drive all the add-ons before you invest. Check it out here: Try LifterLMS for $1.

I’m interested in contributing to LifterLMS, how can I start?

LifterLMS is an open source project. We manage our team, developers, issues, and code on GitHub.

We welcome contributions of all kinds, anyone can contribute even if you don’t write code! Check out our Contributor’s Guidelines to get started.

I found a security vulnerability or issue, how can I report it to the team?

The LifterLMS team takes security issues and vulnerabilities very seriously. We appreciate your efforts to responsibly disclose your findings, and will make every effort to acknowledge your contributions.

Please contact to report a security vulnerability.

You can review our full security policy at


28. februára 2024
So far, so good! Great interface and so far it has been perfectly reliable. Great job 🙂
14. februára 2024 1 reply
We use WooCommerce for most of our eCommerce work, but a client wanted something more - specificially they were looking to create a learning community. I reached out to everyone on Twitter and Chris answered PDQ! We got access to a trial Lifter account to show the client, and they loved it. Now, sadly, the project is on hold BUT we know which system we'll be using when it restarts! To date only Lifter even answered our request for info too. Great service, Great product!
12. februára 2024 1 reply
Lifter LMS is an advanced LMS plugin. I have been testing and using it for years now.
28. januára 2024 1 reply
Used many other learning management systems before and LifterLMS hands down is the best I have used.The software is great, but it also has an excellent community to help maximise your usage of the product.Can't recommend it highly enough.
27. januára 2024 1 reply
I'm thoroughly impressed with this LifterLMS. Every time I encounter an issue, the team responds promptly and efficiently, making problem-solving a seamless experience. I also appreciate their commitment to improvement, evident in the recent upgrades and the addition of instructional videos on YouTube. It's a fantastic way to enhance the overall user experience and showcases their dedication to providing solutions.
26. januára 2024 1 reply
I've been using LifterLMS for several months and can say that this LMS is almost an ideal solution for a non-coder like me. The system is easy to learn to work with, easy to install and develop. It is designed to be used right out of the box. The team is fantastically friendly, open for communication and support. They arrange numerous educative events where they explain how to deal with their product at best. LifterLMS technical support team is always there for help when I'm stuck, so I manage to solve all technical issues myself. The Core of the plugin is free which is absolutely incredible taking into account the amount of options it offers and the quality of the code: it works smoothly with all official WP plugins I've ever installed - no conflicts, so far. The LMS has everything a tutor like me can dream of: a system of courses and lessons, testing systems, quizes and even an in-built CRM! Everything is very easy to create and use. Besides, there are plenty of AddOns to make the system even better. I'm going to continue using it and wish LifterLMS Team to stay as awesome as they are. Thank you for your great job!
Prečítať všetkých 332 recenzií

Prispievatelia a vývojári

“LifterLMS – WordPress LMS Plugin for eLearning” je softvér s otvoreným zdrojovým kódom. Do tohto pluginu prispeli nasledujúci ľudia.


„LifterLMS – WordPress LMS Plugin for eLearning“ bol preložený do 24 jazykov. Ďakujeme prekladateľom za ich príspevky.

Preložiť „LifterLMS – WordPress LMS Plugin for eLearning“ do vašho jazyka.

Máte záujem o vývoj?

Prehľadávajte zdrojový kód, preskúmajte SVN repozitár, alebo sa prihláste na odber vývojárskeho logu cez RSS.

Zoznam zmien

v7.5.3 – 2024-02-22

Bug Fixes

  • Fix fatal error when rendering single course page with reviews enabled. #2604

v7.5.2 – 2024-02-16

Updates and Enhancements

  • Added product images for Aircraft and Memberlite.
  • Updates LifterLMS Rest to v1.0.0.

Bug Fixes

  • Adds error handling when taking a quiz in case of temporary server error or internet issue.

Security Fixes

  • Reviews handler now checks nonces and user limits. Thanks, Francesco Carlucci at Wordfence.

Updated Templates

v7.5.1 – 2024-01-24

Updates and Enhancements

  • Added action and description links to the plugins page.

Bug Fixes

  • Style updates for buttons in editor.
  • Fixed logic to validate that the terms page exists before adding to email footer.
  • Removed .clear styles since WordPress already sets them by default. #2573
  • Improved image appearance in quiz multiple choice and image choice question types. #2588

Security Fixes

  • Added nonce for course clone link. Thanks, Dhabaleshwar Das.

Updated Templates

v7.5.0 – 2023-11-05

New Features

  • Added LLMS_Add_On::get_image() method to get the addon and author image. #2511
  • Added a paragraph to show Number of lessons in a course at Course Catalog and My Courses. #2434

Updates and Enhancements

  • Updates LifterLMS Blocks to v2.5.2.
  • Bundled Add-ons & More Banners/Author Images in Core LifterLMS. #2511
  • Updates LifterLMS Rest to v1.0.0-beta.29.
  • Update Action Scheduler to version 3.5.4. To improve compatibility with PHP 8.2.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed checking for the wrong function name when defining the pluggable function lifterlms_student_dashboard. #2550
  • Only show LifterLMS-authored Addons in All section.
  • Improved compatibility with WordPress 6.4 by using traverse_and_serialize_blocks in place of the deprecated _inject_theme_attribute_in_block_template_content.
  • PHP 8.2 compatibility fix: Fixed creation of dynamic property LLMS_Meta_Box_Access::$_saved.

Developer Notes

  • Added LLMS_Payment_Gateway::can_process_access_plan() method to determine if an access plan can be processed by the gateway. Also added the filter hook llms_can_gateway_process_access_plan to filter its result.
  • Added a check on whether the gateway can process a specific plan when purchasing a plan, or switching the payment gateway of a recurring payment.
  • Added action hook llms_checkout_form_gateway_cant_process_plan fired on the checkout form gateways section, when a gateway cannot process a specific plan.
  • Added new filter hook llms_unschedule_recurring_payment_on_access_pan_expiration to control whether or not the recurring payments fo an order need to be unscheduled when the related access plan expires (true by default).
  • Added ‚favorites‘ in User postmeta for getting all user’s favorites.
  • Added filter llms_course_syllabus_lesson_favorite_visibility for disabling favorites in syllabus view.
  • Added filter llms_is_$object_type_favorite to change object’s (lesson, student, course) favorite boolean value.
  • Added llms_lesson_preview_before_title and llms_lesson_preview_after_title action hooks.
  • Added function llms_template_syllabus_favorite_lesson_preview.
  • Added filter llms_favorites_enabled to enable/disable Favorites feature.
  • Removed references to the unused quiz’s property random_answers. Thanks @AlexVCS! #2552
  • Improved some unit tests compatibility with PHP 8.2.

Security Fixes

  • Improved security when exporting a reporting table: make sure to avoid path traversals. Thanks Huseyin Tintas (stif)!

Updated Templates

v7.4.2 – 2023-10-06

Developer Notes

  • Fixing issues in the 7.4.1 release.

v7.4.1 – 2023-10-06

New Features

  • Added new admin Resources page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed possible issues when cloning a course containing a quiz built with the Advanced Quizzes addon, after disabling it.

Developer Notes

  • Moved attempt randomization logic into the new static method LLMS_Quiz_Attempt::randomize_attempt_questions().
  • Added filter hook llms_quiz_attempt_questions_array to allow filtering the quiz attempt’s question arrays.

v7.4.0 – 2023-10-03

New Features

  • Added method LLMS_Quiz::get_questions_count() for getting count of questions.
  • Added support for the upcoming „Question Bank“ feature of the LifterLMS Advanced Quizzes add-on.

Updates and Enhancements

  • Added nocache_headers() to prevent browser caching for temporary redirects.

Bug Fixes

  • Added „Chaiyaphum“ province for the Thailand. #2527

Developer Notes

  • Course Builder: Correctly get/set (and track changes of) Backbone’s model properties which are objects.
  • Added filter hook llms_admin_show_header to allow 3rd parties filtering whether or not to show the branded header in the admin.
  • Added filter llms_generator_new_post_data, to allow third parties to filter the data used when creating a new post while cloning/exporting a course or lesson.
  • Abstracted the LLMS_Admin_Setup_Wizard class, added the class LLMS_Abstract_Admin_Wizard.
  • Added filter llms_quiz_attempt_questions_randomize to enable/disable questions randomize.
  • Added filter llms_quiz_attempt_questions to modify the questions array for the quiz.
  • Added filter llms_quiz_questions_count to filter the quiz’s question count.

Updated Templates

v7.3.0 – 2023-08-08

Updates and Enhancements

  • When a notice is shown for an access plan on the course edit screen (e.g. When using the WooCommerce integration and no product has been associated to the access plan.) Also display a warning icon next to the access plan title.
  • Made sure only who can view_others_lifterlms_reports will be able to see the analytics widget content in the WordPress admin.
  • Better rounding of float values on some reporting screens.
  • Avoid creating a post revision when cloning a course/lesson.
  • When creating pages via llms_create_pages(): strip all tags from the page title and slash the page data prior to inserting the page in the db via wp_insert_post() to prevent slashes from being stripped from the page title.
  • Updated the WordPress tested version up to 6.3.
  • Improved compatibility with the Divi theme by fixing an issue with the quiz attempt result clarifications not being visible when the Divi option Defer jQuery And jQuery Migrate was enabled. #2470

Bug Fixes

  • Fix spacer block when creating new certificate templates in WP 6.3.
  • Fixed PHP Warning when no course/membership catalog page was set or if the selected page doesn’t exist anymore. #2496
  • Don’t include WordPress default sidebar.php template when using a block theme. #2488
  • Updated Kazakhstani Tenge’s currency symbol. #2475
  • Make the dashboard widget visible only if the current user has LMS Manager capabilities. #2500
  • Fixed issue with LifterLMS Navigation Link block and block visibility settings. #2474
  • Use student dashboard as default value for navigation link block. #2465
  • Fixed typo in a function name that could potentially produce a fatal. Thanks @kamalahmed!

Developer Notes

  • Added the parameter $tab (ID/slug of the tab) to the lifterlms_reporting_tab_cap filter hook. Thanks @sapayth! #2468
  • Added new filter hook llms_can_analytics_widget_be_processed that will allow to filter whether or not an analytics widget can be processed/displayed.
  • Added new filter llms_install_get_pages.
  • Added new public static method LLMS_Admin_Dashboard_Widget::get_dashboard_widget_data().
  • Added llms_dashboard_checklist and llms_dashboard_widget_data filters to adjust dashboard content. #2491

Updated Templates

v7.2.1 – 2023-06-13

Updates and Enhancements

v7.2.0 – 2023-06-07

New Features

  • Added LLMS_ASSETS_VERSION constant for cache busting.
  • Add course builder explainer video and lesson IDs.
  • Add new dashboard widget.
  • Added query to remove order comments on plugin uninstall when the constant LLMS_REMOVE_ALL_DATA is set to true. #2322
  • Added support for showing multiple difficulties when using Gutenberg Editor. #2433
  • Add shortcode wrapper blocks.
  • Added new navigation link block.
  • Added llms_is_editor_block_rendering helper function.
  • Added llms_is_block_editor helper function.

Updates and Enhancements

  • Adjusted llms_modify_dashboard_pagination_links_disable filter to return false only on Dashboard page.
  • Updates LifterLMS REST to v1.0.0-beta.27.
  • Raised the minimum support WordPress core version to 5.9.
  • Updates LifterLMS Blocks to 2.5.0.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed LifterLMS specific block templates not correctly working on Windows file system.
  • Added function_exists check for llms_blocks_is_post_migrated().
  • Update so dismissed notifications don’t remain on viewport top layer.
  • Made sure to always enqueue iziModal assets when rendering achievements cards.

Developer Notes

  • Added new filter hook llms_builder_settings to filter the settings passed to the course builder.

Updated Templates

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