With Polylang fully integrated to WordPress and using only its built-in core features (taxonomies), keep steady performances on your site and create a multilingual site featuring from just one extra language to 10 or more depending on your needs. There is no limit in the number of languages added and WordPress’ language packs are automatically downloaded when ready.


Depending on the type of site you have built or are planning to build, a combination of plugins from the list below might be of interest.
All plugins include a wizard allowing to setup them in just a few clicks.


Polylang and Polylang Pro share the same core providing features such as:

  • Translating posts, pages, media, categories, post tags, custom post types and taxonomies, RSS feeds; RTL scripts are supported.
  • The language is either set by the language code in URL, or you can use a different sub-domain or domain per language.
  • Automatic copy of categories, post tags and other metas when creating a new post or page translation.
  • Translating menus and widgets.
  • Customizable language switcher available as a widget or a navigation menu item.
  • Compatibility with Yoast SEO.

Polylang Pro

Helps optimizing the time spent translating your site with some very useful extra features such as:

  • Better integration in the new Block Editor.
  • Language switcher available as a block.
  • Language options available in the widget block editor.
  • Template parts translatable in the site editor (FSE).
  • Duplicate and/or synchronize content across post translations.
  • Improved compatibility with other plugins such as ACF Pro.
  • Share the same URL slug for posts or terms across languages.
  • Translate URL slugs for categories, author bases, custom post types and more…
  • Export and import of content in XLIFF format for outsourced professional translation.
  • Access to a Premium Support for personalized assistance.

Polylang for WooCommerce

Add-on for the compatibility with WooCommerce which provides features such as:

  • Translating WooCommerce pages (shop, check-out, cart, my account), product categories and global attribute terms directly in the WooCommerce interface.
  • Translating WooCommerce e-mails and sending them to customers in their language.
  • Products metadata synchronization.
  • Compatibility with the native WooCommerce CSV import & export tool.
  • Compatibility with popular plugins such as WooCommerce Subscriptions, Product Bundles, WooCommerce Bookings, Shipment Tracking and more.
  • Ability to use the WooCommerce REST API (available with Polylang Pro).
  • Access to a Premium Support for personalized assistance.

Neither of them will allow to do automated translation.

Our other free plugins

  • WPML to Polylang allows migrating from WPML to Polylang.
  • DynaMo speeds up the translation of WordPress for all non-English sites.
  • Site Editor Classic Features allows to use legacy widgets (including the Polylang language switcher) and menus in the site editor (FSE).


Veľká vďaka všetkým prekladateľom, ktorí pomáhajú prekladať Polylang.
Veľká vďaka Alexovi Lopezovi za dizajn loga.
Väčšina vlajočiek použitých v Polylang pochádza z famfamfam a sú voľne dostupné.
Všade, kde bol využitý kód niekoho iného, sú v komentároch uvedení autori.


  • Panel na správu jazykov v Polylang
  • Panel na správu prekladov reťazcov
  • Viacjazyčná knižnica médií
  • Obrazovka úpravy článku s oddielom Jazyky


  1. Uistite sa, že používate WordPress 5.9 alebo novší a, že na vašom serveri beží PHP 7.0 alebo novšie (rovnaká požiadavká ako samotný WordPress)
  2. Ak ste skúšali iné viacjazyčné moduly, deaktivujte ich pred aktivovaním Polylang, inak môžu vznikať rôzne chyby!
  3. Nainštalujte a aktivujte modul ako zvyčajne v menu „Moduly“ vo WordPress.
  4. The setup wizard is automatically launched to help you get started more easily with Polylang by configuring the main features.

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Je Polylang kompatibilný s WooCommerce?


21. februára 2024 1 reply
Plugin doesn't work with Profile pages in Archy Theme, I've reported the issue but theme developers or plugin's developers gave me a valid answer or a fix for the problem. It's disappointing.
17. februára 2024
I have problem on my website related to polylang plugin, but no one answer me to solve it
14. februára 2024
I bought this plugin only one day and we find complicated and we bought translate press instead immediately, since we want to get my site done and I ask they to refund my money only one day after and their service is so bad and I never meet that service in my life and they refuse to get my money back and want to figure out my issue we take translatepress quite easy plugin and that did my job and I lost my time to write many emails to ask refund and I will write letter to PayPal to talk about this plugin very bad service! Anne
14. februára 2024
Although I'm not an experienced WP user I've been able to use it effectively. Very useful plugin
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Zoznam zmien

3.5.4 (2023-02-06)

  • Pro: Fix an accessibility issue int the navigation language switcher block
  • Pro: Fix featured image not exported for posts with blocks
  • Pro: Fix a conflict with the Flatsome builder
  • Fix a notice when using system CRON. Props arielruminski #1397
  • Fix an edge case where a wrong post tag may be assigned to a post #1418

3.5.3 (2023-12-11)

  • Pro: Fix fatal error with The Events Calendar when rewrite param of event category is set to false
  • Remove flag alt text in the language switcher when both the flag and language name are displayed #1393
  • Fix incorrect string translations when 2 languages are sharing the same locale in a multisite #1378
  • Fix posts lists not filtered by the current language when editing a post in the block editor #1386
  • Fix error when a tax query is filled with unexpected data #1396

3.5.2 (2023-10-25)

  • Pro: Fix terms not filtered by the current language in the block editor custom taxonomy component panel
  • Fix incorrect rewrite rules leading to error 404 for the main site on mutisite #1375

3.5.1 (2023-10-17)

  • Pro: Fix terms not filtered by the current language in the block editor custom taxonomy component panel
  • Pro: Fix fatal error when using plain permalinks on multisite
  • Pro: Fix rewrite rules incorrectly refreshed when saving strings translations
  • Fix incorrect rewrite rules leading to error 404 on mutisite #1366
  • Fix fatal error when using symlinked MU plugins that are not in open_basedir #1368

3.5 (2023-10-09)

  • Requires WordPress 5.9 as minimum version
  • Pro: Manage navigation blocks translations in the site editor (requires WP 6.3)
  • Pro: Manage pages translations in the site editor (requires WP 6.3)
  • Pro: Manage patterns translations in the site editor (requires WP 6.3)
  • Pro: Remove compatibility with the navigation screen removed from Gütenberg 15.1
  • Pro: Add filter ‚pll_export_post_fields‘ to control post fields exported to XLIFF files
  • Pro: Do not set default translation option to „translate“ for ACF fields created before Polylang Pro is activated
  • Pro: Fix Polylang not set as recently active when automatically deactivated by Polylang Pro
  • Don’t output javascript type for themes supporting html5 #1332
  • Hook WP_Query automatic translation to ‚parse_query‘ instead of ‚pre_get_posts‘ #1339
  • Improve preload paths management for the block editor #1341
  • Fix rewrite rules in WP 6.4 #1345
  • Fix: always assign the default language to new posts and terms if no language is specified #1351
  • Fix ‚polylang‘ option not correctly created when a new site is created on a multisite #1319
  • Fix front page display switched to „Your latest posts“ when deleting a static home page translation #1311
  • Fix wrong language assigned to terms #1336
  • Fix error when updating a translated option while the blog is switched on a multisite #1342

See changelog.txt for older changelog