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With our Quiz Maker plugin it’s easy to make a quiz in a short time. Just follow a few simple steps to create online quizzes. What you need to do first is to make questions and then include them in your quiz. You are free to choose the types of questions. Those are the following:

Radio, which is the single choice with one right answer.
Checkbox, which is also the multiple choice but it can include several right answers.
Dropdown, which is the same single choice with one right answer, but it occupies less place.
Text, which is the text input for typing the answer. You can provide right answer from the dashboard.
Number, which is the same text type, but the user can type only numbers in it.

Example quiz with question types

Looking for the best quiz plugin for WordPress? This plugin allows you to make an unlimited number of quizzes. Each QUIZ can include unlimited questions. Questions can be a single choice, multiple-choice, dropdown, text and number. The plugin is very user-friendly and easy to use. With this WordPress questionnaire plugin you can also categorize the questions and quizzes.

WordPress Quiz, Exam and Test maker plugin features

Creating a simple quiz

For creating simple quiz you need to follow these steps:
– Add questions from Questions page
– Add quiz from Quizzes page and insert questions into the quiz
That’s all.

To insert the Quiz into a Page, Post or text widget, copy shortcode [ays_quiz id=’quiz_id‘] and paste it at the desired place in the editor.

Quiz shortcode
[ays_quiz id=’quiz_id‘]

Quiz settings

There is a lot of settings in the quiz dashboard.
Here is the list of some quiz settings.

  • Randomize questions
  • Randomize answers
  • Question bank – Example: insert 100 questions in the quiz and then enable and set this option 20. Every time the plugin will get 20 questions from 100 randomly.
  • Disable data storing in your database
  • Intervals PRO – show different messages according the user’s score.

Quiz with timer

You can set a timer for your quiz and if the timer ends quiz will be submitted automatically. A quiz timer option is very useful for making an exam or test. So we can call it WordPress Exam plugin too.

Quiz results, scores and data form

After successful completion of the quiz, you can track from your dashboard your visitors‘ results, duration, when they start and when they end the quiz.
We have created beautiful form and you can choose fields of the form from the dashboard and assign this form to your quiz ( After quiz or Before quiz ) and when the user finishes the quiz you can collect data and have beautiful statistics on your dashboard. This data allows you to create your email and SMS marketing, which will attract much more users from your specific target.
There are 3 static form fields in the free version` name, email and phone. For more custom fields you need to upgrade to the PRO version.
Also, results‘ statistics with graphs and export functionality available only in the Pro version.

User report in the front-end

You are free to choose what your visitors should see after completion of the Quiz, Exam or Test.
– Show progress bar with the percentage on the final step
– Show only percentage of result
– Show user mistakes on final page
– Show correct answers of each question (if the user selected wrong answer this question will be marked with red marker and when user selected right answer question will be marked with green marker)
In the Premium version there is a shortcode for registered users, which you can paste in users page for showing their history.


Using our plugin you can make a Survey too. We have made text and number question types and also „Not influence to the score“ option.
It means that questions will not be counted for the final result. It stands as a survey plugin too. Also, you can make quiz and survey mix. You can enable the „Hide score“ option from the quiz settings and you will just collect the data which users filled in the survey.
Check out the Survey Demo.

Quick Quiz

We have created also another huge opportunity. You can create a quick quiz from the dashboard without visiting questions page or quiz page. Just click on a quick quiz button and you’ll see a modal window with an opportunity to add questions and save the quiz, but note that it is only for adding a new quiz. For editing quiz you should do the steps as usually you edit quizzes or questions.

Quiz themes, styles and live preview

There is 6 themes available for making awesome quizzes.
You can choose one of them and then customize it with our 15+ style options (colors, backgrounds, borders). Also, there is a live preview feature in the style section in the dashboard, which allows the admin to see every change of options. There is no need to save and go to the front-end to see changes in styles. Have fun!

Image questions and quiz

WordPress Quiz plugin allows you to add images to your quiz and questions. Also, you can style your quiz to satisfy your visitors.

Quiz user restriction

You can restrict your users by enabling and selecting user roles from the dashboard and only selected users with given roles can pass your quiz. If you don’t want to restrict your quiz by role, we have created another opportunity for you, just enable „Only for logged in users“ option and write some message to non-logged in users, by this way you can enlarge your community. If your quiz is interesting non-registered users will register on your website for passing the quiz and you will have ultra traffic on your website. Please note that by selecting restriction by user roles quiz will automatically select only for logged in users option.

Quiz social sharing

Also, users can share your quiz, test or exam in their social networks (facebook, linkedin, twitter), which is important for your SMM and increase your website traffic and popularity.

For more detailed information please check the Documentation.


The plugin use ipinfo.io API (https://ipinfo.io/) in order to get user’s location by their ip address.


The privacy policy can be found at this URL https://ipinfo.io/privacy-policy


  • Unlimited Quizzes
  • Unlimited Questions
  • Results sheet
  • Question Image
  • Quiz styles(width, height, color, background etc.)
  • Randomize questions
  • Randomize answers
  • Only for logged in users option
  • Show correct answers
  • Text for right/wrong answers
  • Timer
  • Fields for user data collection
  • Styles preview

PRO Features

  • Includes ALL Free version Features and
  • Export and import questions
  • Export results to CSV
  • User location
  • Image answers
  • Send email to user
  • Send email to admin
  • Result text according to result (according to percent)
  • Results with charts
  • Send certificate
  • Custom Attributes
  • Quiz Widget
  • Copy content protection
  • PayPal integration
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Schedule quiz
  • Campaign Monitor integration
  • Zapier integration
  • Slack integration
  • ActiveCampaign integration
  • User page shortcode
  • Email configuration
  • Question weight/points
  • Answer weight/points
  • Personality quiz
  • Leaderboards
  • Password protected quiz
  • Make questions required
  • More on the way …

*How to upgrade Free to Pro version Without losing your data?

Quiz Demos

It’s your chance to add unlimited quizzes, exams, tests with one beautiful Quiz Maker plugin.
Don’t forget, in case of any problems or upcoming questions feel free to contact us via e-mail info@ays-pro.com.


  • WordPress Quiz Plugin - front end quiz preview in action
  • WordPress Quiz Plugin - dashboard edit quiz page
  • WordPress Quiz Plugin - dashboard edit quiz styles page
  • WordPress Quiz Plugin - dashboard quiz
  • WordPress Quiz Plugin - dashboard quizzes list
  • WordPress Quiz Plugin - dashboard edit quiz settings page
  • WordPress Quiz Plugin - front end quiz theme
  • WordPress Quiz Plugin - front end quiz theme


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  • Quiz Maker


There are two ways to install Quiz maker: the easy way, when you install Quiz maker from your WordPress dashboard, and the not so easy way, when you install it from WordPress.org.

  • 1.1 The easiest way to enjoy Quiz Maker:
  • 1.1.1 Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • 1.1.2 Go to Plugins
  • 1.1.3 Add New
  • 1.1.4 Search for Quiz maker
  • 1.1.5 Click to install
  • 1.2 The second way:
  • 1.2.1Download the zip file from https://wordpress.org/plugins/quiz_maker/
  • 1.2.2 Go to Plugins
  • 1.2.3 Add New
  • 1.2.4 Upload plugin
  • 1.2.5 Choose file ays quiz_maker.zip
  • 1.2.6 Click to install

  • 1.3 In order to install the Quiz maker from WordPress.org you must unzip the archive and copy the quiz-maker folder into your plugins folder (\wp-content\plugins).
    After one ofthis steps you can activate the plugin from the Plugins menu.
    Once activated configure any options as desired and you can enjoy our Quiz maker.

Časté otázky

1. How to make a question?

In order to make a quiz/test question:
– First go to the Quiz Maker homepage>Questions from the admin dashboard, or choose Questions from the drop-down menu of Quiz Maker.
– Click Add New to add/make a new question.
– Add some info about the question:
– Add an image which will show at the top of a question (optional).
– Add your desired question in the text field.
– Choose a category for the question (You can make a category from the Question Categories section).
– Choose a Question Type.
– Finally, Add some answers and choose which ones are correct.
– Hit ‚Save Question‘ button and your question will be saved.
– You can always come back and edit the question from the Questions section.

2. How to add and use question categories?

Adding categories for questions is relatively simple:
– First, go to Quiz Maker homepage>Question Categories from the admin dashboard, or choose Question Categories from the drop-down menu of Quiz Maker.
– Click Add New to add a category.
– To add a category:
– Add the name of the category and give some description of it (optional).
– Hit ‚Save Category‘ button and a new category will be made
– You can always come back and edit the categories from the Question Categories section.

3. How to make a quiz?

In order to make a quiz/test:
– First, go to the Quiz Maker homepage>Quizes from the admin dashboard, or choose Quizes from the drop-down menu of Quiz Maker.
– Click Add New to add/make a new quiz/test.
– Add some info about the quiz/test:
– Add the quiz title and description, which will show at the start of a quiz/test.
– Choose a category for the quiz/test (You can make a category from the Quiz Categories section).
– Finally, Choose some questions:
– Click the + button beside the ‚Questions‘ title.
– Choose the question which you would like to include in the exam/quiz.
– Hit ‚Select Questions‘ to add the questions to your exam/quiz.
– Hit ‚Save Quiz‘ button and your quiz will be saved.
– You can always come back and edit the quiz from the Quizes section.

4. How to add and use quiz categories?

Adding categories for quizzes is relatively simple:
– First, go to Quiz Maker homepage>Quiz Categories from the admin dashboard, or choose Quiz Categories from the drop-down menu of Quiz Maker.
– Click Add New to add a category.
– To add a category:
– Add the name of the category and give some description of it (optional).
– Hit ‚Save Category‘ button and a new category will be made
– You can always come back and edit the categories from the Quiz Categories section.

5. How to add images to the quiz?

To add an image to a quiz/test question:
– Simply go to the Quiz Maker homepage>Questions from the admin dashboard, or choose Questions from the drop-down menu of Quiz Maker.
– Click Add New or click on an existing question.
– Add an image by clicking the ‚Add Image‘ button which is found at the top of the page.
– Choose or upload the image of your choice.
– Finally, hit the ‚Save Question‘ button and your question will be saved with the newly attached image.

6. What types are supported for quiz answers?

The supported types for answers are:
– Radio, which is a multiple choice option with one right answer.
– Checkbox, which is also a multiple choice option but it could have several right answers.
– Drop-down, which is the same multiple choice option with one right answer, but it occupies less place.
You can choose a question’s answer type when you are making a new question by choosing a Question Type from the drop-down.

7. Is it easy to create a quiz with Quiz Maker?

Creating a quiz with Quiz Maker is so easy that, you can have a full quiz or an exam test in just a minute or so:
– First, create a Question Category to specify the type of questions that you’ll make. (Instructions above)
– Then, create as many questions as you want for the quiz or exam test from the Questions section, choose that newly made category, add an image (optional) and save your questions. (For more info, check instructions above)
– Now, create a Quiz Category to specify the type of the quiz that you’ll make. (Instructions above)
– Then, create a quiz from the Quizzes section, add the needed details, choose the questions that you previously made for this quiz from the Questions chooser and save the quiz. (For more info, check instructions above)
– Finally, the last step is to copy the shortcode which is shown after you make a quiz and insert it into one or many of your posts or pages.
– Voila, you now have a beautiful working quiz on your website. Enjoy!

8. How to insert a quiz to a post or page?

Now that you made your questions and insert them to the quiz, you’re wondering how to insert the quiz into your website. It’s so easy, here’s how to do it:
– After creating a quiz, a shortcode will be shown beside the quiz in the Quizzes section.
– Copy that shortcode and go to the page or post that you want to put the quiz into.
– Finally, paste the shortcode wherever you want in the editor, at the top, bottom and even in the middle of the page.
– You now have a beautiful working quiz on your website. Enjoy!
If you’re wondering how to make a quiz, it’s easy, just check „Is it easy to create a quiz with Quiz Maker?“ above and check the instructions.


1. marca 2021
The long list of features that come with this plugin truly make quiz-making a pleasure. From using the plugin, you can see the developers put in efforts to make quiz-making as easy as possible. And I love the support - a member of the staff and the developers worked together to have my several issues addressed! I highly recommend it!
26. februára 2021
They gave fast and precise support to my every problem. They even fixed my non plugin related issues 🙂
23. februára 2021
I've been a WordPress user for a long time. I've never received such excellent support in all the time I have been developing websites. The PRO version of this tool is incredibly powerful! Support has been exceptional and super quick! I am grateful to have chosen this plugin! Thank you for the amazing work!
18. februára 2021
The product is very good and the support team is simply amazing. Fast, client oriented and professional. They were able to fix an issue basically caused from my end in a matter of hours. Highly recommend!
12. februára 2021
I can only say that I am very pleased with this Pro-version plugin. Any question I had, even on code level, was professionally answered and solved.
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  • Fixed: Gutenberg block selecting quiz CSS problem


  • Added: Start button activation section in the general settings
  • Tested: Compatible up to 5.6.2


  • Added: Hide question text on the front-end option
  • Fixed: Maximum value of a number field issue while question duplicating


  • Added: Hide background image on the start page option
  • Fixed: Cookie time generating problem


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  • Added: The maximum length of a number field option
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  • Added: Answers numbering option
  • Tested: Compatible up to 5.6.1


  • Added: Quiz title transformation option
  • Added: Close button inside deactivation popup


  • Fixed: Maximum length of a text field problem on the front-end
  • Fixed: Question duplicate problem with maximum length of a text field option
  • Fixed: Maximum length of a text field color problem


  • Added: Show word/character counter option
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  • Added: Limit by words suboption for the maximum length option
  • Fixed: Elegant theme style issue in the result page
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  • Added: Select all button at the top of the select questions table
  • Fixed: Page saving issue in the general settings
  • Fixed: Social share buttons icons displaying problem
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  • Added: The maximum length of a text/short text field option
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  • Fixed: Some CSS issues on the admin dashboard


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  • Fixed: PHP error on the front-end


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  • Updated: PRO features


  • Fixed: The previous button problem on the front-end
  • Fixed: Buttons text color issue in the live preview


  • Updated: PRO features price list
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  • Added: Quiz loader custom gif width functionality
  • Fixed: Dropdown question type style problem on WP „Twenty Twenty-One“ Theme
  • Changed: Some options position in Setting tab


  • Added: Disable answer hover option
  • Fixed: Check button and input question type style conflict
  • Fixed: Checkbox question type problem in some themes
  • Fixed: Delete questions button issue in the General tab conflict with WP 5.6


  • Added: Detect users by IP and Cookie functionality
  • Fixed: Quiz Category problem in admin dashboard
  • Tested: Compatible up to 5.6


  • Fixed: Question date type autocomplete issue
  • Fixed: Start button position issue in front-end
  • Fixed: Style conflict with Link Library plugin


  • Added: Limit users by Cookie functionality
  • Fixed: Limitation message issue
  • Fixed: Some styles in dashboard


  • Added: Custom gif functionality instead of the loader


  • Added: Bulk „Mark as read“ functionality in the results list table
  • Updated: POT file


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  • Added: Single quiz results shortcode
  • Added: Example button for questions export
  • Updated: Style Tab
  • Updated: PRO features
  • Updated: POT file


  • Added: Search input in the question categories list table
  • Fixed: Disable HTML coding in Title


  • Added: Ability to show or hide information form to logged-in users
  • Fixed: JavaScript error in the admin dashboard


  • Added: Ability to Show guests all results shortcode table
  • Fixed: Style conflict with SMSAlert plugin
  • Fixed: Dropdown question type style issue


  • Added: Hide correct answers option
  • Fixed: The last question container issue
  • Updated: How to use page
  • Updated: POT file


  • Added: Ability to use Quiz in offline mode
  • Tested: Compatible up to 5.5.3


  • Added: View results option in Quizzes list table


  • Added: How to use page
  • Fixed: All results shortcode ordering issue


  • Added: Questions default category option
  • Fixed: All results shortcode issue


  • Added: Custom text functionality instead of the loader


  • Fixed: Expiration message after schedule times end
  • Fixed: Filtered quiz and question count in the list tables


  • Added: User correct answers count message variable
  • Added: User wrong answers count message variable


  • Added: Search input in the quizzes list table
  • Updated: POT file


  • Added: Show timer option for quiz schedule
  • Fixed: Redirect URL issue
  • Updated: PRO features


  • Fixed: Gutenberg block conflict with Popup Maker plugin


  • Added: Average score by categories message


  • Fixed: All results shortcode Duration column text issue
  • Fixed: Code correction


  • Added: All results shortcode in the general settings


  • Added: Scroll offset option in general settings


  • Added: Quiz category shortcode
  • Fixed: Reports issue by clicking the Enter button


  • Added: Title Attribute for each quiz and result in list tables
  • Updated: PRO features price list


  • Added: Group questions by category option


  • Fixed: WP List Table checkbox issue with WP 5.5.1 version


  • Added: Enable confirm box option for the Finish button


  • Added: Persian language support
  • Added: Reverse the ordering of the questions button


  • Fixed: Questions list table pagination issue
  • Updated: PRO features
  • Updated: POT file
  • Tested: Compatible up to 5.5.1


  • Added: Average score of the quiz message variable
  • Added: Average rate of the quiz message variable
  • Added: User passed time message variable
  • Added: Quiz time message variable


  • Added: Question hint icon option
  • Fixed: Finish button and Timer options issue


  • Changed: Paths of scripts Select2 and font awesome and brings into the plugin


  • Fixed: Select all questions button issue in dashboard


  • Added: Do not store IP adressess option in the General settings


  • Fixed: Some bugs in Live Preview


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.5
  • Fixed: Some bug in admin dashboard


  • Added: Question type functionality in quick quiz popup


  • Added: Duplicate functionality in quick quiz popup
  • Changed: Quick quiz popup


  • Fixed: Timer issue


  • Fixed: Form mail issue
  • Fixed: Quiz timer issue


  • Added: Show results by category message variable
  • Updated: PRO features


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  • Added: Quiz width by percentage option


  • Fixed: Email validation regex issue
  • Fixed: Rating stars style issue
  • Fixed: User form style issue
  • Updated: POT file


  • Fixed: Some style bugs in finished page
  • Fixed: Focused buttons style issue
  • Fixed: Buttons text alignment issue


  • Added: Pass score option
  • Added: Quiz pass message option
  • Added: Quiz fail message option
  • Added: Advanced settings button on the Edit question page


  • Added: Log In and Check buttons texts options in the General settings
  • Fixed: Results leaderboard removed user issue
  • Fixed: Buttons Padding issue in admin dashboard


  • Added: Questions List Table section in the General settings
  • Fixed: Check and Restart Quiz Buttons padding style issue
  • Fixed: Limitation Users access issue
  • Updated: PRO features price list


  • Added: Title Attribute for each question in the questions list table
  • Fixed: Screen options confirmation issue for all list tables


  • Added: Message variables
  • Added: Turkish language support
  • Changed: Text for showing after quiz completion option to Result message
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.4.2


  • Added: Limitation count of takers option
  • Updated: POT file


  • Added: Enable confirmation box for leaving the page option


  • Fixed: Translation french issues
  • Fixed: Animation duration issue
  • Fixed: Buttons Text Color in Live Preview
  • Updated: PRO features price list


  • Fixed: WP Nonce issue


  • Added: Buttons styles section


  • Fixed: Some minimization issues


  • Added: Enable audio autoplay option
  • Added: Dutch language support


  • Fixed: Textarea color and background color issues
  • Fixed: Some grammar mistakes


  • Added: Buttons texts options in the General settings


  • Fixed: Redirect after submit issue on front-end
  • Fixed: HTML issue in detailed report of results


  • Added: Show questions explanation option


  • Added: Buttons position option
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.4.1
  • Fixed: Gutenberg block error
  • Fixed: Autofill logged in user data issue


  • Fixed: Latex shortcode issue in answers fields


  • Added: Buttons text color option
  • Fixed: Style conflict with Popup Builder plugin


  • Added: Question type „date“
  • Fixed: Questions count issue in quiz edit page


  • Fixed: Embedded URL problem in front-end


  • Added: Allow multiple correct answers functionality for text question type


  • Fixed: Cache problem on restart quiz
  • Fixed: Admin dashboard menu ordering


  • Fixed: Disabled „Next“ button issue
  • Fixed: Information form issue on quiz start
  • Fixed: Display duration of right/wrong answer text issue in front-end


  • Added: Enable to go next by pressing Enter key option
  • Added: Italian language support
  • Updated: Phone filled validation in the information form


  • Added: French language support
  • Updated: PO files
  • Fixed: Some small bugs in dashboard


  • Added: Spanish language support
  • Updated: POT file
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.4


  • Added: Text after timer ends option


  • Fixed: Displaying correct results information in the dashboard


  • Added: Pre start message option for scheduling
  • Fixed: PHP error in Rect theme


  • Added: Finish the quiz after making one wrong answer option


  • Added: Required functionality for Quiz last question


  • Added: Category filter for Quizzes list table


  • Added: Category column to questions table in the quiz edit page
  • Added: Edit question link to the questions table in the quiz edit page


  • Added: Hide quiz background image on result page option


  • Updated: Show correct answers duration functionality
  • Fixed: Quiz schedule date and time issue


  • Fixed: Conflict with UpdraftPlus plugin


  • Fixed: Database errors on activate


  • Added: Right/Wrong answers icon option


  • Added: Answer default count option


  • Added: Sounds option for Right/Wrong answers


  • Added: Russian translation for plugin
  • Added: Description for General Settings page options
  • Updated: POT file


  • Added: Quiz Score display option


  • Added: Use HTML for answers option


  • Added: Autofocus for text question types
  • Added: Press Enter to transition to next question functionality for text question types


  • Added: Answer placeholder option for text type questions


  • Added: Show question category option
  • Added: German translation


  • Added: Confirmation of finishing quiz before the quiz ends fully
  • Fixed: Inputs and textareas color issues
  • Fixed: JS conflict with early finish button


  • Added: Question type „Short text“
  • Fixed: Question type „text“ and „number“ correct answers showing conflict


  • Added: Show category option for quiz
  • Fixed: Some issues


  • Updated: POT file
  • Fixed: Conflict with date_default_timezone_set() function
  • Fixed: Translation issues with some texts


  • Fixed: Delete confirmation for all list tables issue
  • Fixed: Some dashboard bugs


  • Added: Show report clicking to row functionality in the results page
  • Changed: Question categories filter ordering in questions list table


  • Added: ‚Save and new‘ button for question edit page
  • Fixed: Translation issue


  • Added: Enable clear answer button option
  • Fixed: Empty title saving issue for quiz page


  • Added: Display duration of right/wrong answer text option


  • Changed: „Add question“ button style in quiz edit page
  • Fixed: Questions count issue in quizzes list table page


  • Added: ID column for ‚Add questions‘ table in quiz edit page
  • Fixed: Questions ordering issue in quiz edit page
  • Fixed: Some bugs in admin dashboard


  • Fixed: JS issue


  • Added: Delete items confirmation functionality


  • Fixed: Gutenberg block bug
  • Fixed: Page load time issue
  • Fixed: JS and CSS loading issue


  • Added: Leaderboard for admin in Results page
  • Fixed: Uninstall issue


  • Fixed: Question bank issue for count 1


  • Added: Option Erase Quiz data results


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.3


  • Changed: Plugin size


  • Added: Questions default type option in General settings
  • Fixed: Information form button/arrows issue


  • Added: Filters for Results list table


  • Updated: POT file
  • Fixed: Conflict with Google Translate extension
  • Fixed: Timer options save issue


  • Added: Duration column for results list table
  • Added: Add question button in bottom of Quick quiz
  • Fixed: Results read/unread functionality


  • Added: Time support for Quiz Schedule functionality
  • Updated: PRO features price list


  • Added: Schedule the Quiz option
  • Fixed: Modals conflict with other plugins
  • Fixed: Audio and video issues in the question


  • Added: Mobile version functionality for admin dashboard
  • Fixed: Mobile version issues


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.2.4
  • Fixed: Question add modal CSS conflict


  • Added: Quick Quiz button in quizzes list table page
  • Changed: New Quiz default options
  • Fixed: Deleted Quiz results issue


  • Added: Limit users by user ID option
  • Fixed: WP editor text showing issue


  • Added: Tabulation for question edit page
  • Fixed: Elementor widget issue
  • Fixed: Dropdown question color conflict in front-end


  • Changed: Gutenberg Widget functionality
  • Changed: Links inside the quiz dashboard
  • Fixed: AJAX conflict in dashboard
  • Fixed: Quiz score calculation issue
  • Fixed: Question text and radio types saving issue
  • Fixed: Answers adding and saving issue


  • Added: Results detailed report in the popup


  • Added: Quiz max-width option for mobile
  • Fixed: Style conflicts in some themes


  • Added: Show login form option for limitation only for logged in users
  • Fixed: Answers hover issue after selecting


  • Added: Show quiz title option
  • Added: Show quiz description option


  • Fixed: Custom CSS new editor issue connected width WordPress version


  • Added: Pro version new features
  • Added: Sorting for results table columns
  • Fixed: Results table rate column issue


  • Added: Social Media links option
  • Fixed: Colors issue in front-end
  • Fixed: Quiz created date text issue


  • Addded: Custom class for quiz container option
  • Updated: POT file
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.2.3
  • Fixed: Limitation user roles issue


  • Updated: Custom CSS editor


  • Updated: All color pickers


  • Added: Quiz background image position option
  • Updated: Quiz live preview


  • Added: Questions image sizing option in quiz edit page


  • Added: Exit button option for finish page


  • Added: Finish page progress bar style option
  • Fixed: Issue connected with quizzes page link


  • Added: Question not influence to score option
  • Added: Message for creating quiz without creating a questions
  • Changed: The order of menu items in the admin dashboard


  • Added: Items count column for list tables
  • Fixed: Activation issue


  • Added: Redirect after submit option
  • Fixed: Deactivation popup issue


  • Addded: Quiz background gradient option


  • Fixed: Empty question save issue
  • Fixed: After selecting question type answers save issue
  • Fixed: Information form fields check/uncheck issue
  • Added: Disable storing data in database option


  • Added: Disable storing data in database option


  • Added: „Create question“ link in a popup in add questions in the quiz page
  • Added: Create date column for add questions table in a popup in the quiz page
  • Fixed: Duplicate question issue


  • Changed: Questions ordering to DESC in quiz edit page
  • Fixed: Images path in admin dashboard


  • Changed: Question hint open / close function
  • Fixed: Small size issue in front-end
  • Fixed: Correct answer displaying issue for question type text


  • Added: Text for right/wrong answers disable option
  • Fixed: Some bug in dashboard
  • Fixed: Quick quiz save issue


  • Fixed: Admin menu styles issue
  • Fixed: Text after Quiz completion displaying issue


  • Updated: Fully redesign front end structure


  • Added: GUID
  • Fixed: Some bug in front-end


  • Added: Option to finish the quiz early


  • Added: Load more button for Quiz rate reviews
  • Fixed: Some issues in front-end


  • Added: Show Quiz author option
  • Added: Show Quiz create date option


  • Added: Answers font size option


  • Added: PRO features
  • Fixed: Grid view issues
  • Fixed: Quick quiz saving issue


  • Added: Unanswered questions noting in finish page
  • Fixed: Information form validation issue
  • Fixed: Show correct answers issue


  • Added: WordPress Admin dashboard widget


  • Added: Number question type
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.2.2


  • Added: Background music option
  • Changed: User roles selecting to multiple


  • Added: Information form title option
  • Fixed: Admin dashboard title issue of the browser tab


  • Updated: PRO features table
  • Fixed: Author display issue


  • Fixed: Quiz title issue


  • Added: Quiz duplication option
  • Fixed: Question save issue
  • Fixed: Share buttons issue


  • Added: Information form autofill option
  • Added: Animation effect of transition between questions option


  • Added: Quiz pass count in the quizzes list table
  • Added: Twitter share button
  • Updated: POT file
  • Updated: Admin dashboard title of the browser tab
  • Removed: Google+ share button


  • Added: Quiz author option
  • Fixed: Question create date and author issue


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.2.1
  • Added: Question create date and author option
  • Fixed: Question adding to quiz issue
  • Fixed: Multiple answers checking issue


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.2


  • Added: Quiz create date option
  • Fixed: Average score issue in front-end
  • Fixed: Questions counter and question content conflict in mobile
  • Fixed: Questions selecting issue on transition
  • Fixed: Buttons width issue


  • Added: Bulk delete option for questions in quiz page
  • Fixed: Question explanation issue
  • Fixed: Scores texts in finish page
  • Fixed: Questions counter position issue


  • Fixed: Custom CSS save issue
  • Fixed: Question Right/Wrong answers issue
  • Fixed: Quiz images uploading issue


  • Fixed: Questions titles symbols issue
  • Fixed: Question content HTML tags issue


  • Added: Quiz loader option
  • Fixed: Deleted quizzes results issue


  • Added: Quiz restart option
  • Fixed: Colors default values issue


  • Fixed: Question title issue in questions list table
  • Fixed: Border radius issue


  • Fixed: Quiz finishing issue
  • Fixed: Result text showing issue


  • Added: Question type „Text“
  • Updated: Questions adding to quiz performance
  • Fixed: Timer finishing issue
  • Fixed: Quiz buttons issue
  • Fixed: Progress bar percent issue
  • Fixed: Deactivation issue


  • Fixed: Internet Explorer issue


  • Updated: Sending data protection
  • Fixed: Add questions in quiz issue


  • Added: Question explanation option
  • Added: Show timer in page tab option
  • Updated: Quick quiz performance


  • Added: Border enable/disable option
  • Added: Border width option
  • Added: Border style option
  • Added: Border color option
  • Fixed: Quick quiz js issue
  • Fixed: Some js issue in admin dashboard


  • Fixed: Right/Wrong answers texts issue


  • Added: Quiz border radius option
  • Added: Quiz background image option
  • Added: Quiz box shadow option
  • Added: Quiz box shadow color option
  • Fixed: Start button issue
  • Fixed: Unicode symbols issue


  • Updated: Rating section
  • Fixed: Elementor widget issue


  • Added: Results badge
  • Updated: PRO features
  • Fixed: Blocked content issue


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.1


  • Fixed: WordPress version issue


  • Added: Plugin activation redirection
  • Fixed: Timer correct stoping
  • Fixed: Responsibility issues
  • Fixed: Elegant themes answers display in finish page issue
  • Fixed: Activator issue


  • Added: Show quiz rate average option
  • Added: Show rate last 5 reviews option
  • Added: Rate column in results list table
  • Fixed: Elementor widget issue
  • Fixed: Some bugs in front-end


  • Added: Rate quiz option
  • Fixed: Rect themes answers correct view
  • Fixed: Activator issue


  • Fixed: Categories list table slashes issue
  • Fixed: Information form issue
  • Fixed: Add image button issue
  • Optimized: Transition of questions from one to another


  • Fixed: Quiz timer issue
  • Fixed: Some issue in dashboard
  • Optimized: Styles and Scripts in front-end


  • Added: Tooltips for all options in quiz page
  • Fixed: Question hint text slashes issue
  • Fixed: Timer value issue in dashboard
  • Fixed: Slashes issue when selecting questions for quiz
  • Fixed: Results table title quotes issue
  • Fixed: Deactivation popup issue


  • Added: Hide score option
  • Fixed: Live progress bar finishing issue
  • Fixed: Different quizzes in same page conflict
  • Fixed: Rect theme answers icon issue


  • Changed: Live progress bar
  • Fixed: Only for selected user role option issue
  • Fixed: User role message issue
  • Fixed: JS issues in admin dashboard
  • Deleted: Cookie for tabs


  • Added: Passed users count
  • Fixed: Information form submit issue
  • Fixed: Same question selecting issue


  • Fixed: Limitation messege issue
  • Fixed: Live progress bar issue
  • Fixed: Question hint front-end issue


  • Added: Question image width option
  • Added: Show questions count option
  • Added: Show passed users count
  • Fixed: Gutenberg widget issue
  • Fixed: Some issue in admin dashboard


  • Updated: Gutenberg widget
  • Fixed: Quiz autosubmit issue without information form
  • Fixed: JS errors in some themes
  • Fixed: Empty information form issue


  • Added: Gutenberg support
  • Fixed: Enter key issue in dashboard
  • Fixed: Dropdown results display issues
  • Removed: Rate message


  • Fixed: Some issue in dashboard
  • Fixed: Saving issue connected with WordPress new editor
  • Fixed: Answers display with shortcode
  • Fixed: Results issue when data is lost
  • Fixed: Results display issues
  • Fixed: Issue connected with timer work
  • Fixed: Checkbox and dropdown type questions correct display in themes


  • Fixed: Some issue in dashboard
  • Added: Pro features
  • Added: Active tab session
  • Fixed: Questions type issues
  • Fixed: Themes conflict
  • Fixed: Checkbox and dropdown type questions right answer issue


  • Fixed: Optimized admin dashboard
  • Fixed: Icons issue connected with SVG
  • Fixed: CSS issues in front-end
  • Fixed: Right answer showing issue
  • Fixed: Apply buttons issue when adding new question and quiz
  • Fixed: Progress bar correct display


  • Added: Text for showing after quiz complete option
  • Fixed: Results bug after quiz complete
  • Fixed: Progress bar color bug in elegant theme
  • Fixed: Finish and next buttons bug in case of checkbox question type
  • Fixed: Empty questions in questions table
  • Fixed: Apply button in bottom bug
  • Fixed: Quiz image width bug


  • Added: Show social buttons option
  • Fixed: Some bugs of translation
  • Fixed: Next button bug in case of checkbox type
  • Fixed: Question delete bug
  • Fixed: Empty table of questions


  • Fixed: Translation bugs
  • Fixed: Auto submit bug
  • Fixed: Result after auto submit
  • Fixed: Finish page after auto submit
  • Fixed: Stop timer before(after) form


  • Fixed: Multiple answers select bug
  • Fixed: Multiple answers correct answer showing
  • Fixed: Question without right answer
  • Fixed: Rect dark theme checkbox bug
  • Fixed: Quiz buttons text translation


  • Added: The possibility of keeping the data for further upgrade


  • Fixed: PHP version conflict


  • Added: Titles for quiz themes
  • Fixed: The distance of the image of the Question from the answers
  • Fixed: Default quizzes background and text colors are white
  • Fixed: Some bugs connected with php versions


  • Fixed: Question without correct answer bug
  • Fixed: Social button color bug


  • Fixed: Required fields bug
  • Fixed: Removed slashes from answers in themes
  • Fixed: Fixed label height


  • Added: Rect Light template
  • Added: Rect Dark template
  • Added: Settings labels
  • Fixed: Some notices in front-end
  • Fixed: Answers bug
  • Fixed: Live progress bar bug


  • Added: Elegant Light template
  • Added: Elegant Dark template
  • Fixed: Quiz Style tab design
  • Fixed: Question Image issue


  • Added: Notification in case of empty quiz
  • Fixed: Empty answers bug
  • Fixed: Question without answers in quick start
  • Fixed: Unpublished quiz show
  • Fixed: Question without right answer


  • Added: Timer test option
  • Fixed: Next button by default
  • Fixed: Form required field bug
  • Fixed: Finish flag bug


  • Added: Quiz questions count in quiz page
  • Updated: Some front-end styles in „Quick start“ page
  • Fixed: Some front-end bugs in quiz


  • Added: Required fields option
  • Added: Form fields validation
  • Added: Use arrows instead buttons option
  • Fixed: Previous question option bug when „show correct answer“ option is on


  • Updated: List table of questions in quiz
  • Updated: Live progress bar style
  • Fixed: Next and prev buttons distance


  • Added: Next button is set by default
  • Added: Overflow auto in select question
  • Added: Add select question in top
  • Fixed: See results button bug
  • Fixed: No result after submiting
  • Updated: Live progressbar style


  • Added: Next button option
  • Added: Previous button option
  • Fixed: Buttons and inputs position bug


  • Added: Quiz Theme option
  • Added: Live progress option
  • Added: Progress bar percent option
  • Added: Average statistical option
  • Added: Question hint
  • Fixed: Quiz live preview width bug
  • Fixed: Quiz live preview ColorPicker bug
  • Fixed: Question bank option bug


  • Added: Question bank option
  • Fixed: Enter button bug in quiz form


  • Fixed: Logged in users option bug
  • Fixed: Quiz live preview,width option bug
  • Added: Inserted into famous page builders


  • Added: Apply buttons
  • Added: Custom CSS live preview
  • Added: All message inputs changed to wp-editor
  • Added: Question List table category filter
  • Added: Logged in users message option
  • Added: Question title in question list table is Image question if image exists,title not
  • Fixed: RTL first page bug
  • Fixed: Quiz button width bug
  • Fixed: Font size bug on different themes
  • Fixed: Question Type default radio
  • Fixed: Timer autosubmit bug


  • Added: Use RTL Direction option
  • Added: Quiz button text color


  • Added: Answers view options
  • Fixed: Questions Result option problem on IE 11


  • Added: Limit Users option


  • Added: Text color option
  • Added: Loader after submit
  • Fixed: Progress bar color bug


  • Added: Quiz live preview in dashboard
  • Fixed: Timer issue, when multiple quizzes exists in one page
  • Fixed: Auto submit issue when timer finishes


  • Fixed: Dashboard issue
  • Fixed: Saving issue for slashes


  • Added: Quick quiz maker button
  • Added: Show results at the end
  • Fixed: Long question saving issue


  • Fixed: Front-end issue
  • Fixed: Quiz width issue
  • Added: Answers hover


  • Added: Restriction pass option
  • Added: Effect in correct or wrong answer
  • Updated: Changed Inputs
  • Updated: Changed tables color
  • Updated: Changed Selects


  • Updated: Redesign Dashboard


  • Added: Quiz width option
  • Added: Default values of quizzes
  • Added: Text In case of wrong answer
  • Added: Text In case of right answer
  • Fixed: Timer error when more than one quiz


  • Added: WP Editor
  • Added: Custom CSS in quiz style page


  • Added: Randomize Questions option
  • Added: Possibility to add quiz via icon in post/page editor
  • Added: Edited Features Page
  • Fixed: Question Image options replaced


  • Added: Quiz Background color
  • Added: Statistics Page
  • Added: Filter option
  • Fixed: Database bug in reports


  • Added: Quiz Image
  • Added: Progress Bar Option
  • Fixed: Database bug in reports
  • Fixed: Quiz Icon


  • Added: Default values for styles


  • Added: Show answer corrections in quiz
  • Added: Show answer corrections option
  • Added: Default examples for quizzes


  • Added: Image height option for questions
  • Added: Video From youtube


  • Added: Information form for users
  • Added: Form options in Administrator dashboard


  • Added: Randomize answers in quiz


  • Added: Results section in dashboard
  • Added: Timer for each quiz
  • Fixed: Small issues


  • Fixed: Frontend issue
  • Added: Support links
  • Added: Pricing tables


  • Fixed: Frontend issue
  • Added: Quiz color option
  • Added: Quiz height option


  • Fixed: Frontend issue
  • Added: Question numeration with animation
  • Added: Duplicate question functionality


  • Fixed: Dashboard issue


  • Fixed: Saving questions bug
  • Fixed: Fixed questions modal issue
  • Fixed: Front end form issue
  • Fixed: Front end radio/checkbox buttons style
  • Fixed: Deselecting question from modal issue
  • Added: Pagination for questions in modal
  • Added: Search option in questions list table
  • Added: Armenian Language Support


  • Added: Russian Language Support
  • Added: Deutsch Language Support
  • Fixed: Fixed bug connected with dashboard notices
  • Fixed: Bugs with PHP version


  • Added: Ability to add image to the question.
  • Added: Ability to add multiple quizzes in one page
  • Fixed: Score bug in previous versions
  • Fixed: Bug with dashboard notice.
  • Fixed: Finish quiz bug


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 4.9.7
  • Fixed: alert issues
  • Fixed: front end design issues
  • Fixed: back end design issues


  • Added: social share buttons


Fixed bugs:
– Admin dashboard screen options now working, which allows you to sort and paginate your quizzes, quiz categories, questions and question categories


Optimized code, improved security


  • Added: quiz result score style
  • Fixed: wp_debug detected bugs


  • Added: to show title and descriptions
  • Added: multistep form
  • Added: styles for checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Fixed: some minor bugs


  • Added: answers ordering
  • Fixed: bug connected with deleting answers


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 4.9.5
  • Fixed: bug connected with published/unpublished icon
  • Fixed: bug connected with correct answers


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 4.9.4


  • Fixed: bug connected with score
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 4.7.2


  • Fixed: bug connected with uninstalling product