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This plugin creates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog.
When a page is rendered, php and mysql are used. Therefore, system needs RAM and CPU.
If many visitors come to a site, system uses lots of RAM and CPU so page is rendered so slowly.
In this case, you need a cache system not to render page again and again.
Cache system generates a static html file and saves. Other users reach to static html page.

Setup of this plugin is so easy. You don’t need to modify the .htacces file. It will be modified automatically.

Multisite Support

Wpfc does not support WordPress Multisite yet.


  1. Mod_Rewrite which is the fastest method is used in this plugin
  2. All cache files are deleted when a post or page is published
  3. Admin can delete all cached files from the options page
  4. Admin can delete minified css and js files from the options page
  5. Block cache for specific page or post with Short Code
  6. Cache Timeout – All cached files are deleted at the determinated time
  7. Cache Timeout pre špecifické stránky
  8. Enable/Disable cache option for mobile devices
  9. Enable/Disable cache option for logged-in users
  10. SSL podpora
  11. CDN podpora
  12. Cloudflare support
  13. Preload Cache – Create the cache of all the site automatically
  14. Exclude pages and user-agents

Performance Optimization

  1. Generovanie statických html súborov z vášho dynamického WordPress blogu
  2. Minify Html – Môžete zmenšiť veľkosť webovej stránky
  3. Minify Css – Môžete zmenšiť veľkosť css súborov
  4. Povoliť Gzip kompresiu – Redukuje veľkosť súborov posielaných z vášho servera pre zlepšenie rýchlosti akou sú prenášané do prehliadača.
  5. Leverage browser caching – Reduce page load times for repeat visitors
  6. Kombinovať CSS – Redukuje počet HTTP požiadaviek skombinovaním viacerých CSS súborov do jedného
  7. Kombinovať JS
  8. Zakázať Emoji – Emoji môžete odstrániť v riadku css a wp-emoji-release.min.js

Podporované jazyky:

  • Čínština (od suifengtec)
  • Nemčina
  • Angličtina
  • Španielčina (od Diplo)
  • Francúzština (od PascalJ)
  • Taliančina (od Valerio)
  • Japončina (od KUCKLU)
  • Holandčina (od Frans Pronk https://ifra.nl)
  • Polština (od roan24.pl)
  • Portugalčina
  • Rumunčina
  • Ruština (od Maxim)
  • Fínčina (od Arhi Paivarinta)
  • Švédčina (od Linus Wileryd)
  • Turečtina


  • Performance Comparison
  • Other Performance Comparison
  • Bez cachovania
  • S cachovaním
  • Main Settings Page
  • Preload
  • Nový článok
  • Aktualizovať cache
  • Vymazať cache
  • All cached files are deleted at the determinated time
  • Block caching for post and pages (TinyMCE)
  • Clean cached files via admin toolbar easily
  • Exclude Page
  • CDN
  • Enter CDN Information
  • Typy súborov
  • Specify Sources
  • Database Cleanup


  1. Nahrajte wp-fastest-cache do /wp-content/plugins/ priečinka
  2. Aktivujte modul cez položku „Moduly“ v menu vo WordPress
  3. Práva pre .htaccess musia byť 644
  4. Aktivujte tento modul na stránke modulov

Časté otázky

Ako zistím, že môj blog je cachovaný?

You need to refresh a page twice. If a page is cached, at the bottom of the page there is a text like „<!– WP Fastest Cache file was created in 0.330816984177 seconds, on 08-01-14 9:01:35 –>“.

Funguje to s Nginx?

Áno, funguje to s Nginx.

Funguje to s IIS (Windows Server)?

Yes, it works with IIS properly.

Čo znamená „.htaccess not found“ upozornenie?

Wpfc nevytvorí .htaccess automaticky takže ho musíte vytvoriť vy.

Ako je „tmpWpfc“ odstránené?

When the cached files are deleted, they are moved to „tmpWpfc“ instead of being deleted and a cron-job is set. Delete all files are so difficult for server so cron-job is set not to use a lot of CPU resources. Cron-job is set and it deletes 100 files every 5 minutes. When all files in „tmpWpfc“ are deleted, cron-job is unset.

Funguje Wpfc správne s WPMU (WordPress Multisite)?

Nie. Wpfc ešte nepodporuje WordPress Multisite.

Does Wpfc work in „Subdirectory Install“?

Áno. Wpfc podporuje inštaláciu podadresárov.

Je tento modul kompatibilný s Http Secure (https)?

Áno, je kompatibilný s Http Secure (https).

Je tento modul kompatibilný s Adsense?

Áno, je kompatibilný s Adsense na 100%.

Je tento modul kompatibilný s CloudFlare?

Áno, to je, ale musíte si prečítať detaily. Kliknite tu

Je tento modul kompatibilný s WP-Polls?

Áno, je kompatibilný s WP-Polls na 100%.

Je tento modul kompatibilný s Bulletproof Security?

Áno, je kompatibilný s Bulletproof Security na 100%.

Je tento modul kompatibilný s Wordfence Security?

Áno, je kompatibilný s Wordfence Security na 100%.

Je tento modul kompatibilný s qTranslate?

Áno, je kompatibilný s qTranslate na 100%.

Je tento modul kompatibilný s modulom WPtouch Mobile?

Áno, je kompatibilný s WPtouch Mobile Plugin na 100%.

Je tento modul kompatibilný s modulom Any Mobile Theme Switcher?

Áno, je kompatibilný s modulom Any Mobile Theme Switcher na 100%.

Je tento modul kompatibilný s WP-PostRatings?

Áno, je kompatibilný s WP-PostRatings.

Je tento modul kompatibilný s AdRotate?

No, it is NOT compatible with AdRotate.

Je tento plugin kompatibilný s WP Hide & Security Enhancer?

No, it is NOT compatible with WP Hide & Security Enhancer.

Je tento modul kompatibilný s WP-PostViews?

Yes, it is compatible with WP-PostViews. The current post views appear on the admin panel. The visitors cannot see the current post views. The developer of WP-PostViews needs to fix this issue.

Je tento modul kompatibilný s MobilePress?

No, it is NOT compatible with MobilePress. We advise WPtouch Mobile.

Je tento modul kompatibilný s WooCommerce Themes?

Yes, it is compatible with WooCommerce Themes 100%.


Works very well

I have tried several other cache plugins but WP Fastest Cache gave me the optimum results. I even purchased a paid cache plugin and returned it back waiting for my refund. WPFC is not complicated to set up, has many additional features on top of caching. I may even try its paid version too. Nice going, Emre. Cemal

Absolutely Perfect All In One Cache Solution

There is no doubt, we chose WP Fastest Cache because the author was a Turkish guy in the first place. As times goes by, we have realized that there is a very serious team behind the plugin. Then we have purchased five more licenses in the following year. The plugin is easy as hell. Very reach featured but the most impressive part is first class support.

Premier Plugin Status

I have tried every single caching plugin there is. New ones come out, I try them. None match the speed and usability of WpFastestCache. The premium version is totally worth it, and the developer always is improving and adding to the plugin, which makes it increase in value. Most caching plugins require a lot of knowledge about servers, and can lead to mis-configuration easily. That's not true here. If you are a busy professional trying to build sites for people, it's a no-brainer. Also if something does come up with a conflict with another popular plugin WpFastestCache support swings into action to solve the problem. Who can ask for more. Plug and play for fast results and improving your speed in WordPress. Take a couple minutes to configure and your on your way. The free version works wonders, and the paid version is totally amazing.
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Prispievatelia a vývojári

“WP Fastest Cache” je softvér s otvoreným zdrojovým kódom. Do tohto pluginu prispeli nasledujúci ľudia.


„WP Fastest Cache“ bol preložený do 22 jazykov. Ďakujeme prekladateľom za ich príspevky.

Preložiť „WP Fastest Cache“ do vašho jazyka.

Máte záujem o vývoj?

Prehľadávajte zdrojový kód, preskúmajte SVN repozitár, alebo sa prihláste na odber vývojárskeho logu cez RSS.

Zoznam zmien

  • to disable webp image extension if cloudflare subscription is free
  • to fix cache deletion security issue of WP-PostRatings (CVE-2019-6726 by Sebastian Neef)
  • to add do_action(„wpfc_is_cacheable_action“) the plugins to be able to detect that a page has been cached or not
  • [FEATURE] exclude woocommerce_items_in_cart cookie [Details]

  • to replace lazy load blank.gif with cdn-url
  • to exclude wishlist url of YITH WooCommerce Wishlist
  • refactoring of is_amp()
  • to add webm extension for cdn
  • refactoring of current_url()

  • to fix url with replacing cdn-url on data-product_variations attribute
  • to increase browser cache time from 3 months to 4 months
  • to fix bug on language dropdown [Details]
  • to increase the value of Cloudflare Browser Cache Expiration to 6 months
  • to exclude Twitterbot user-agent
  • to fix PHP Warning: file_exists(): open_basedir restriction in effect

  • to move „cache timeout“ to under „delete cache“ tab [Details]
  • to prevent clearing cache after Ninja Form is submitted
  • [FEATURE] Preload for custom post types
  • to fix PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_settings_error()

  • to fix error which is Undefined index: SERVER_PORT
  • to prevent running preload when cache is disabled
  • to change saving options and notice system
  • to replace image urls of woocommerce variable with cdn-url
  • to fix url() problem for data:font/opentype
  • to add add_action(‚wp‘) for detection current page type
  • to support non-latin characters for clearing category cache
  • to show cache if the url contains “fbclid” (Facebook Click Identifier)
  • to show cache if the url contains “gclid” (Google Click Identifier)

  • to show single clear cache button for the pages
  • to show warning if wp cron is disabled when a cache timeout rule is added
  • to disabe lazy load for the amp pages
  • to replace urls on data-cvpsrc and data-cvpset attribute with cdn-url
  • to clear the cache of a post which includes /%postname%/%post_id% permalink after the post is deleted
  • to fix vulnerability
  • to add „event“ and „artist“ custom post types for preload

  • to fix pre tag problem after minify html
  • to add woff2 extensions for cdn
  • to support non-latin characters for exclude
  • to support non-latin characters for toolbar clear current page cache
  • to fix „removing dollar sign with number“ on fixing pre tag
  • to clear cache of cloudflare afer restart preload
  • to exclude LinkedInBot user-agent
  • to replace urls on data-large_image attribute with cdn-url

  • to show language option via php instead of javascript
  • to show warning if there is no zone on Cloudflare
  • to fix Uncaught SyntaxError on cdn.js [Details]
  • refactoring of cdn_replace_urls()
  • [FEATURE] Clear Cache via URL [Details]
  • to add webm, ogg and mp4 extensions for browser cache

  • to fix Revolution Slider Error
  • to make Cloudflare CDN integration work with sub-domains
  • to fix error on js combine feature
  • to fix error replace cdn-url
  • to replace urls on data-thumb attribute with cdn-url
  • to move the rules of Gtranslate at the top of WP Fastest Cache on .htaccess
  • to define preload number manually [Details]

  • to fix removing the escaped slashes of Cloudflare Integration [Details]
  • [FEATURE] Compatible with Fast Velocity Minify
  • [FEATURE] Microsoft IIS support
  • to serve the sources of Rev Slider if the cdn integration is enabled
  • to exclude woocommerce_items_in_cart cookie automatically
  • to check wptouch-pro-view cookie

  • to update russian translation
  • to set browser caching for Cloudflare
  • not to load the css and js sources of clear cache button when toolar is not visible
  • to fix SyntaxError: Unexpected token M in JSON at position 0 error

  • premenovať text na paneli administrátora
  • to move cdn functions to speed up wp fastest cache
  • check if settings are indexed by multilang locales for WeePie Cookie Allow
  • [FEATURE] to add Cloudflare integration

  • refactoring of delete_cache_of_term()
  • [FEATURE] exclude archives
  • to delete cache of pagination after new post
  • to add do_action() for deleteCache()
  • to shorten the url of the minified and combined sources
  • to fix excluding googleanalytics problem
  • to create cache for mobile user-agents when mobile option is disabled
  • [FEATURE] Compatible with WeePie Cookie Allow

  • to check for 404 if the header return 200
  • to clear all the cache if the visibility is converted to private
  • refactoring of ignored()
  • to stop loading the admin functions if DOING_AJAX is set
  • to fix excluding attachment pages problem
  • [FEATURE] Compatible with Yet Another Stars Rating
  • to disable including powerfulhtml class for ajax request
  • to convert the uninstall method to uninstall.php
  • [FEATURE] exclude Google Analytics Parameters [Details]
  • to add WPFC_DISABLE_WEBP [Details]
  • to fix 403 cdn template error
  • to fix height problem of lightbox

  • to remove „via php“ text if WPFC_REMOVE_VIA_FOOTER_COMMENT is defined as true
  • [FEATURE] Restart Preload [Details]
  • to fix the problem of selecting chinese language automatically
  • to fix php notice trying to get property of non-object in delete_cache_of_term()
  • to speed up getting db optimization statistics()
  • to show the cache of main content without query string if google analytics parameters are set [Details]

  • to fix the problem which show the same cache for every language on Polylang
  • [FEATURE] to remove wordpress emojis [Details]

  • [FEATURE] Compatible with Easy HTTPS (SSL) Redirection
  • to clear of the post when WPML is active

  • to exclude the renamed my-account page of woocommerce
  • to add AddType x-font/ttf for gzip
  • to fix the errors of Undefined property: stdClass::$post, stdClass::$page, stdClass::$category
  • [FEATURE] exclude attachments

  • vytvorenie prázdneho priestorov pre pravidlá webp
  • vymazanie cache pamäte po nových WooCommerce objednávkach
  • [FEATURE] Compatible with kk Star Ratings
  • to clear the pages cache of the categories and tags
  • [FEATURE] Compatible with All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets
  • [FEATURE] Compatible with WPML Multilingual Plugin
  • [FEATURE] Compatible with Cloudinary

  • automaticky vylúčiť administrátorské cookies pre cache pamäť
  • vymazanie cash pamäť po aktualizácii pre kategórie a značky
  • refactoring of insertWebp()
  • automaticky vylúčiť /cart pre nákupný košík eCommerce od WP EasyCart
  • automaticky vylúčiť /cart and /checkout pre Easy Digital Downloads
  • automaticky vylúčiť /sitemap_index.xml pre Yoast SEO
  • dekódovanie cesty, ak nie je utf-8
  • opraviť problém pri aktivácii a deaktivácii
  • vymazanie cache pamäte widgetov po publikovaní nového príspevku

  • to fix image error on Structured Data Testing Tool when cdn is used
  • optimalizovať panel wp fastest cache
  • opraviť cestu cache pre gtranslate
  • to fix Cannot modify header error

  • to avoid removing www prefix from photon cdn-url
  • to prevent to empty origin-url on cdn wizard
  • [FEATURE] to clear cache of post via post list
  • preload for woocommorce product category
  • to clear cache of tag and cat after product update
  • to check that SG Optimizer is active or not
  • [FEATURE] Preload for tags
  • [FEATURE] Preload for attachments
  • [FEATURE] exclude categories, tags, posts and pages

  • [FEATURE] to clear cache of the post tags and the post categories after new post
  • [FEATURE] WebP [Details]
  • to fix BlogPosting error on Structured Data Testing Tool when cdn is used
  • to fix more than one cdn work concurrently
  • [FEATURE] Preload for category
  • [FEATURE] Preload for woocommerce products

  • [FEATURE] Widget Cache [Details]
  • to add browser cache for woff2
  • to fix Woocommerce basket issue
  • to serve the sources via cdn for logged-in users
  • to prevent removing „=“ from exclude rules
  • to change to
  • to fix problem about random url of photon
  • to replace origin-url which starts with /wp-content with cdn-url
  • to replace wp_get_recent_posts() with get_results() for preload
  • to replace the attribute which are data-srcsmall|data-srclarge|data-srcfull with cdn-url
  • [FEATURE] Compatible with WP Hide & Security Enhancer

  • to escape spaces in path for htaccess
  • to fix the error of htaccess not writeable warning
  • [FEATURE] WP AMP — Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress and WooCommerce
  • [FEATURE] to support webp for leverage browser caching
  • [FEATURE] to exclude REST API url which start with /wp-json
  • [FEATURE] Google Fonts Async [Details]
  • [FEATURE] Random option for Photon CDN

  • to make compatible with the new rules of wordpress
  • [FEATURE] Database Cleanup [Details]
  • to decode URLs in non-latin languages for singleDeleteCache()
  • to change the method of the premium update Details

  • [FEATURE] Compatible with GTranslate
  • to exclude avada-dynamic-css-css for css optimizations
  • to compatible with Safir Mobile theme
  • to update htaccess after activation
  • [FEATURE] Compatible with Caldera Forms
  • to prevent 404 errors for non-existent minified files
  • to clear the cache of post cats and the cache of post tags after update post

  • to add aac, mp3, ogg extension for CDN
  • to serve wp-emoji-release.min.js via cdn if CDN integration has been added
  • not to show the cache for comment authors
  • to show how to enable gzip warning for Nginx
  • to fix the check cdn-url issue which is cURL error 6: Couldn’t resolve host
  • to check http_response_code is 503 or not if DONOTCACHEPAGE is set
  • to fix the warnings about clearing cache
  • to fix the issue if a js source is called as ?site=site.com

  • to be able to hide toolbar [Details]
  • [FEATURE] Compatible with Yet Another Stars Rating
  • [FEATURE] Cache Timeout with Hour and Minute [Details]
  • to add style for manually preload
  • to fix htaccess popup
  • [FEATURE] exclude cookie

  • to update user-agents with Microsoft Edge
  • to fix duplicate menu problem
  • to create /cache/index.html for security
  • to create /cache/wpfc-minified/index.html for security
  • to execute render blocking js before css and js (premium)
  • to fix Undefined variable: trailing_slash_rule
  • [FEATURE] Clear Cache for Specific Page [Details]
  • to add http_host condition into htaccess
  • [FEATURE] Compatible with Mailchimp mc4wp.com
  • [FEATURE] Compatible with Hide My WP [Details]
  • [FEATURE] Compatible with AMP

  • [FEATURE] exclude css sources
  • to fix Non-trailing Slash problem
  • to add specify source option for cdn integration
  • new interface of cdn tab
  • [FEATURE] to add Photon
  • [FEATURE] Multiple CDN
  • [FEATURE] exclude js sources
  • to improve Combine JS feature
  • [FEATURE] Compatible with WpResidence theme
  • [FEATURE] to call preload manually

  • to fix the problem about replacing url after minify css
  • to add „start with“ option to the cache timeout
  • to add uninstall feature
  • to add „user-agent“ option to the exclude page
  • to convert cache time to local time
  • to exclude WhatsApp user-agent

  • to remove X-Wap-Profile from htaccess
  • to show warning lightbox if the cache cannot be deleted
  • [FEATURE] Set preload number
  • refactoring of is_wptouch_smartphone()
  • [FEATURE] to clear only the homepage cache
  • wp nonces added for security

  • to remove hostname from exclude rule
  • to fix file cache problem
  • to change the mobile user-agents
  • to fix Wordfence Security report

  • [FEATURE] Preload
  • to exclude the renamed page of woocommerce
  • to fix path which starts with ./ in css files
  • [FEATURE] Compatible with Visual Composer Post Grid
  • application/x-javascript has been added for leverage browser caching
  • to prevent removing newlines from .htaccess
  • [FEATURE] Compatible with WP-CLI
  • to add wp-touch mobile user-agent list
  • to exclude facebookexternalhit user-agent
  • [FEATURE] Compatible with Any Mobile Theme Switcher
  • [FEATURE] CDN for css files
  • to fix the huge size of tmpWpfc problem

  • to combine css files by media attribute
  • to fix lots of disk usage issue
  • to fix design broken which occours after some time
  • to fix PHP Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_ACCEPT
  • to fix WP-Polls issue if PHP v5.6
  • to remove 
  • [FEATURE] to add Polish language
  • [FEATURE] to add CDN77
  • to get the source of fonts.googleapis.com
  • new style of Exclude Page
  • to set cache timeout for specific pages
  • gzip for woff type
  • to fix „unknown error“ of AWS cdn integration
  • [FEATURE] chinese language has been added
  • [FEATURE] Compatible with WP-PostRatings
  • to fix combine css issue if a file is empty after minify
  • to add woff2 for browser caching
  • to disable creating cache if get_option(„home“) is secure and current url is not secure
  • to fix switching theme from mobile to desktop on wptouch
  • to remove carriage return (^M)
  • [FEATURE] Finnish language has been added
  • [FEATURE] Nginx support
  • to use case-insensitive file system for browser caching
  • WAP-Browser has been added into mobile user agent list
  • to prevent 404 error for wpfc-minified after clearing minified files
  • [FEATURE] to add any cdn provider
  • to prevent from xss attacks (Brendon Boshell)
  • to clear the cache of homepage after update static page
  • to clear the cache of homepage after update sticky page
  • to clear the cache of homepage after update post which appears on homepage

  • to add Amazon CloudFront CDN
  • to add KeyCDN
  • to update Russian Language
  • to fix PHP Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_USER_AGENT
  • to fix PHP Notice: Undefined index: name
  • to fix combine js issue with commented out js
  • to fix delete minify files issue
  • to add image/svg+xml for leverage browser cache
  • refactoring of minify and combine css features
  • to fix redirection to /wp-content/cache/all for ssl
  • to add text for toolbar icon

  • to be compatible with Guideline

  • to check zlib extension for downloading premium automatically
  • to update Portuguese and Turkish languages
  • to be compatible with sub-directory installation with renamed wp-content
  • refactoring of js-utilities.php
  • to fix delete comment issue

  • to replace https:// and http:// to // after converting inline css to link
  • to replace https:// and http:// to // after converting inline js to link
  • to ignore the empty css files
  • to optimize exclude page feature
  • to fix mobile cache issue for ipad user if wp touch is used
  • to prevent caching js files whose type is text/template
  • to update Portuguese language

  • [FEATURE] to add MaxCDN
  • to remove comments from inline js
  • to fix trim() issue
  • to be compatible with Leaflet Maps Marker

  • to prevent combine js file which is added by WP Socializer
  • to make ruleForWpContent() pasive
  • refactoring of inlineToScript()
  • [FEATURE] Romanian has been added

  • [FEATURE] to be compatible with WP Mobile Edition
  • to prevent from sql injection attacks (Kacper Szurek)
  • to prevent using Head Cleaner

  • to show .htaccess rules if not writeable
  • not to comment out Facebook js
  • not to comment out document.createElement(‚script‘)
  • not to minify and combine style and js codes in noscript tag

  • to update Portuguese language
  • to make compatible with Google Adsense plugin
  • to add user-agent of Samsung S5, LG and HTC

  • to add popup warning modal for premium download
  • to remove mobile cache after update post

  • wpfcNOT is visible only for admins
  • to prevent creating cache for POST request
  • to fix issue of converting inline js to internal file

  • to fix inline css issue
  • to prevent caching for renamed wp-login.php

  • to stop caching for /wp-api/v1, /cart, /checkout, /receipt, /confirmation, /product – WooCommerce
  • to prevent caching if useragent Mediapartners-Google
  • to decrease pcre.recursion_limit in css optimization to prevent Internal Server Error

  • to fix premium page issue

  • exclude page is case insensitive
  • to check buffer is json or not for checkWoocommerceSession()
  • not to comment out Google Analytics by Yoast

  • refactoring of checkHtml()

  • other plugins can use the functions
  • to put „;“ at the end of js file if last char is not „;“
  • to make compatible renamed wp-content sites

  • to prevent using GZip Ninja Speed Compression
  • to prevent using GZIP Output
  • to show success message after saving exclude page
  • style of left panel
  • opera mini has been added into mobile user agent list
  • to fix download premium version issue

  • to prevent confliction on left menu
  • to fix error and success message icon

  • MIDP has been added into mobile user agent list

  • to fix vulnerability (discoverd by 0pc0deFR aka Kevin FALCOZ)
  • to fix issue of moving chartset to the top
  • to prevent combine Google Fonts javascripts
  • [FEATURE] exclude page

  • to prevent inline to external if the style is used in the javascript
  • to prevent creating cache for xmlrpc.php
  • to fix white page issue because of combine css and js
  • icons for premium version

  • WPtouch issue has been solved
  • improvement of cache delete
  • to add „;“ at the end of JS file if it does not exist

  • to prevent comment out google analitics code
  • refactoring of isPasswordProtected()
  • the clear cache button on toolbar is available for editors

  • index.html files have been added intead of .htaccess
  • to prevent comment out inline js rules twice
  • [FEATURE] to add delete button on the admin bar
  • to fix url() problem for data:image/svg+xml

  • to fix issue of text to visual
  • refactoring of redirect rule
  • to prevent the directory access
  • to prevent from xss attacks (Kacper Szurek)

  • to fix 301 redirection issue of sub-folder
  • to support non-english characters on search

  • to prevent caching wp-login.php if renamed
  • to prevent caching if the page has a contactform7 form with captcha
  • to prevent caching for ajax call

  • to implement single post cache deletion when a post/page is modified
  • [FEATURE] to implement new frequency values for cache timeout
  • html corrupted warning has been added
  • to make compatible with WooCommerce Themes
  • to prevent combine inline css if commented out

  • to fix sub-domain redirect issue with www
  • to prevent caching of sitemap.xml
  • to fix getting error when .htaccess is not found
  • to improve combine css
  • to prevent caching wp-comments-post.php
  • to prevent combine comment out js files
  • to prevent caching js files whose type is application/ld+json
  • style changes of delete cache panel
  • to fix php warning which is Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
  • to fix „File not found“ message when trying to leave a comment

  • to prevent converting style rules to link more than once
  • to clear cache after admin writes a comment
  • to clear cache if comment has not ben manually approved
  • to disable minute and hour when hourly is selected
  • to show both time when twice daily is selected on cache timeout panel

  • rewrite rule issue has been solved
  • to remove empty chars from url()
  • to add media type for inline css after minify

  • to support setting hour and minute as a 0
  • to fix server time NaN
  • to check the length of inline css for combine css
  • to support selecting the css files which do not include home_url()
  • to support selecting the js files which do not include home_url()
  • publish_page to save_post

  • to minify css files which are NOT „media=’all'“
  • to support selecting the css files which do not include home_url()
  • to insert define(‚WP_CACHE‘, true) into wp-config.php for wp-postviews
  • to fix PHP Warning: Missing argument 2 for CssUtilities::minifyCss()
  • to fix PHP Warning: scandir warning

  • to support WP-PostViews
  • tab of minified css and js has been removed
  • warning about Microsoft IIS has been added
  • to prevent minify and combine css if returns 404
  • to prevent combine js if returns 404
  • warning about Multisite has been added

  • warning of regular expression is too large has been added
  • [FEATURE] to be able to choose specific time
  • js and css merging is not beta anymore

  • to delete cachen when page is edited or published
  • warning of DONOTCACHEPAGE has been added
  • file_get_contents_curl() issue for the files which start with //
  • to combine the css files which has media=“all“ attribute
  • to fix re-write rule for sub-directory installation
  • [FEATURE] to prevent 304 browser caching to see new post
  • [FEATURE] wpfcNOT works for pages as well except the themes
  • the warning has been added for empty buffer

  • to fix disable the plugin
  • to check permalinks was set or not
  • modified of deletion of minified files‘ warning
  • to fix inserting extra comment tag

  • wp-polls issue
  • cache timeout issue
  • minify css issue for data:application/x-font-woff

  • optimization of deletion cache
  • creating cache problem when combine css is unchecked

  • [FEATURE] JS Combine
  • to check that super cache is active or not
  • to check that better wordPress minify is active or not
  • [FEATURE] french translation

  • to prevent creating cache for logged-in users
  • gzip for svg, x-font-ttf, vnd.ms-fontobject, font/opentype font/ttf font/eot font/otf
  • stlye files issue with https
  • [FEATURE] Keep Alive
  • compatible with @import „style.css“;
  • [FEATURE] italian language has been added

  • to support renamed wp-content

  • to fix combine css breaking css down
  • the password protected posts are not cached
  • change of minified css file name

  • to show which style files are combined
  • to fix the minify css issue
  • to fix minify css breaking css down


  • [FEATURE] Supports „Subdirectory Install“
  • [FEATURE] SSL support
  • [FEATURE] Leverage browser caching has been added
  • GZippy warning has been added
  • Path issue of rewrite rules has been solved
  • to prevent create cache for mobile devices
  • [FEATURE] Enable/Disable cache option for logged-in users has been added
  • Improvement of Turkish and Spanish translation
  • Issue of subdirectory install using with subdirectory url
  • Double slash in the rewrite rule problem has been solved
  • Full path is written instead of %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}
  • Stop to prevent not to minify css files which has small size
  • Improvement of detection active plugins
  • [FEATURE] „Combine Css“ has been added
  • Stop to prevent not to minify css files which has small size
  • Improvement of detection active plugins
  • [FEATURE] „Combine Css“ has been added
  • Improvement of combine css
  • to prevent creating cache for the urls which has query string


  • [FEATURE] Compatible with WP-Polls
  • [FEATURE] Enable/Disable cache option for mobile devices has been added
  • [FEATURE] „[wpfcNOT]“ shortcode has been converted to the image
  • Optimization of CSS minify
  • r10.net support forum url has been added
  • Some style changes
  • to correct misspelling
  • Icon has been changed
  • [FEATURE] Portuguese language has been added
  • [FEATURE] German language has been added
  • Minify css issue has been solved
  • [FEATURE] Blackberry PlayBook has been added into mobiles
  • [FEATURE] www and non-www redirections have been added


  • [FEATURE] Delete Minified Css & Js feature has been added
  • Update of Spanish translation
  • Update of Turkish translation
  • Update of Russian translation
  • Update of Ukrainian translation


  • Optimization of CSS minify
  • rmdir, mkdir and rename error_log problem
  • modify .htaccess problem
  • Update of Spanish translation
  • Update of Turkish translation
  • Update of Russian translation
  • Update of Ukrainian translation


  • [FEATURE] Gzip Compression


  • Performance of delete all files is improved
  • Rewrite rules of WPFC is removed from .htaccess when wpfc is deactivated
  • CSS of Warnings has been changed


  • Minify Css problem has been solved
  • Info panel has been added
  • Update of Spanish translation
  • Update of Turkish translation
  • Update of Russian translation
  • Update of Ukrainian translation


  • Info Tip has been added


  • [FEATURE] Minify CSS files


  • Delete Cron Job when the plugin is deactivated
  • Delete from DB when the plugin is deactivated


  • [FEATURE] works with Wordfence properly
  • [FEATURE] 404 pages are not cached
  • urls which includes words that wp-content, wp-admin, wp-includes are not cached
  • The issue about cache timeout has been solved
  • [FEATURE] Cache Timeout has been added
  • [FEATURE] Spanish language has been added
  • [FEATURE] Minify html
  • [FEATURE] Supported languages: Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish
  • [FEATURE] „Block Cache For Posts and Pages“ has been added as a icon for TinyMCE and Quicktags editor
  • Cache file is not created if the file is exist
  • Cached files are deleted after deactivation of the plugin


  • Cached file is not updated after comment because of security reasons
  • Checking corruption of html
  • Creation time of file has been added
  • „Not cached version“ text has been removed
  • Some style changes
  • System works under sub wp sites
  • Plugin URI has been added
  • Dir path has been removed from not cached version
  • Some styles changes
  • Some styles changes


  • [FEATURE] Admin can delete all cached files from the options page
  • [FEATURE] All cache files are deleted when a post or page is published
  • [FEATURE] Blocking cache with Shortcode